Go back to bed, Noah!

I would love for Noah to sleep 15-30 minutes later in the morning. I know 15-30 minutes doesn’t seem like much, but neither Christian nor I are morning people, so 15-30 minutes more morning sleep would mean a great deal to us. 

If he gets up 15 minutes earlier than we would like him to, we usually just let him get in bed with us and turn on the TV for a few. If it’s 30 minutes or more, I tell him to go back to bed (which he often does loudly, which wakes Colin up, which sucks because Christian and I have to get up anyway). Today he got up and I sent him back to bed. He came back 15 minutes later and told me that he’d been in his room for “26 more hours.”

A few weeks ago, Lulu\’sMommy posted this about toddler clocks. Has anyone tried any of these? Anyone have other ideas?


4 thoughts on “Go back to bed, Noah!

  1. Tracy,
    We bought an alarm clock called “Teach me Time” clock. It has a yellow light on it during the night when they are “supposed” to be sleeping and then at 6:30 am(you can set it for whatever time you wish)the light turns green so Jack knows now that if the light is yellow he has to stay in bed but if it is green, he can get up. It has worked really well for him. It was $37 online through Bed Bath and Beyond. It might be worth a try.

  2. When my (older) kids were little they didn’t have all these fancy-schmancy toddler clocks (and if they did, we sure couldn’t afford them). I kept it simple. I put a digital clock in my daughters room and then drew a 7:00 on a piece of paper and put it right above the clock. I told her she could not get up until the clock matched the paper. It worked. 🙂 After a while, she was sleeping later, so I told her as long as the time started with a “7” should could get up. (She got upset because it was like 7:15 and no matter how long she waited the sign and the clock didn’t match!! LOL)

    These days I’m even lazier. I’ve trained all my kids to stay in bed until 8am. Some mornings Zeeb wakes up before 8, but he knows to lay in bed (or read) until 8am. And we are all happier for it!

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