Yes, we still have Emily

Yes, we still have Emily.

No, she does not look any better. She still has back fat and horrible hair. And no clothes. My mom even bought Emily a new outifit, but apparently Emily is more comfortable in the buff.

Yes, Zoe still puts Emily’s hair up her hose.

SERIOUSLY, can anyone tell me how to convince Zoe to give up this ugly freakin’ doll!? She has a million other dolls, but this is the one she wants.

And the putting Emily’s hair up her nose thing? Yuck. I’ve started finding boogers in Emily’s hair. I know I said I retired my clippers, but this is bad.


11 thoughts on “Yes, we still have Emily

  1. Time for your clippers to do a Brett Favre. The hair up the nose might be even worse than the things I did to my original Barbie.

    Thanks for this update, I’ve been jonesing for a good Zoe story/photo.

  2. Emily should meet baby Bao. He’s got back fat, ankle fat, belly fat….no hair though. Luckily Aiden isn’t too attached. I would shave her head- Of course that would take the fun away from Zoe if she chooses to do it herself later. I cut so many of my dolls and barbies’ hair.

  3. I am trying really hard NOT to laugh…really hard but it is not working.

    YUCK about the hair up the nose though…can you put Emily in the washer…put her in a pillow case and wash the boogers out of her hair at least. If you have a steam washer it may help her hair look better, I do it all the time for my SIL favorite “baby” ~ the “baby” gets a spa day in the steam and she looks almost new…good luck!

  4. Too funny and gross too! Ava has “Baby Rosa” (actually she has 2 of them, b/c she lost one and I bought another and the first was later found) She has chewed the hands off the poor babies by sucking on them. Must be a girl thing, LOL

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