Reglan Rocks!

For those of you who have been reading my password protected posts, you know that Colin has had some weight gain issues. I decided not to use the password here, because it is not really the weight gain issue itself that needs the password, but the background behind the issue that makes me want to protect Colin’s privacy. So, if you have the password and know that “whole story,” please just don’t post any of that info in the comments. Cryptic enough?!

Anyway… Colin has delayed gastric emptying (DGE), which means that food does not pass through his system at the appropriate rate, so he feels full more quickly and for a longer period of time. We have struggled to keep his weight up, and he has had a couple of periods where he fell drastically on the growth charts. For about six months, Colin’s doctors have wanted to put him on Reglan for weight gain. It’s supposed to make the digestive system muscles contract, and move food more quickly through his sytem, making him not feel full so quickly.

We had been very hesitant to put Colin on this medication because it can cause heart problems and permanent neurological side-effects. We had him on Pediasure and a calorie supplement, we added butter to everything, pushed high-calorie foods over fruits and veggies, etc. We were able to maintain his weight, but he really wasn’t gaining. 

We were meeting with a nutritionist every two weeks. The final straw came when he lost SEVEN OUNCES in two weeks, dropping him from the 25th percentile to below the 10th (again), and putting him back to what he weighed in October. We finally gave in and decided to try to the Reglan.  

This really was not an easy decision, and it had me really stressed out. The first night he was on it I saw a commercial for a class action lawsuit for people who had a taken Reglan. Let me tell you, it makes you feel like an awesome  mom when you see a commercial that says, “If you or a loved one have been injured by” the medication you just dosed out to your toddler. Our doctor had explained what we needed to look for though, so we stuck with it.

We were told we would see results in a “couple of weeks,” but I swear we saw a difference immediately. The. child. is. eating. He drinks whole sippy cups full of Pediasure. One night he even cleaned his plate (two small pieces of cheese pizza, tomatoes, and pears, plus 6-ounces of Pediasure)! Dinner has been much more pleasant because he doesn’t start screaming, pulling his bib off, throwing his food, rubbing food in his hair, and crying “down” and “done” three minutes after getting in his high chair. Noah and Zoe were at a birthday party Saturday night, and Christian and I went to eat AT A SIT DOWN RESTAURANT with Colin. As a habit, I ate quickly and asked for the check, when I realized that Colin WAS STILL EATING. It was amazing. I was making such a big deal out of it and taking pictures with my cell phone. People must have thought I was crazy.

The best part:  In one week, he gained NINE OUNCES. (And that was after we cut all of his hair off, so it was probably really more like 11 ounces! 🙂 ).

I feel a little guilty now that we didn’t just do this six months ago, but I know I can’t do that to myself. We were worried, and we wanted this to be a last resort, just in case. It’s working now though, and it makes me happy. The hope is that he will only be on it for six months or so, and then his system will adjust and learn to work properly on its own. I have my fingers crossed.


16 thoughts on “Reglan Rocks!

  1. This is fantastic news! Both that Colin is doing so well with the Reglan, and that you’re choosing not to do the coulda woulda’s. You really can’t, you know, you make the best decisions possible with the information you have and all choices are made from love. No one should feel guilty for that.

  2. wow – what fantastic news! That sounds like a miracle solution! Will you need to do it long-term or is it something that will reverse itself with time and different eating habits?

    • Hopefully he will only be on it for a few months and his system will “learn” to digest correctly. We’ll see!

  3. That is awesome news! Like you said above, hopefully, he’ll only be on it for a little while and his system will learn to digest correctly. You guys have to be so excited!

  4. WOW! You did what you had to do- exhaust all of your other options before you tried it. Trust me, you would have always wondered if you hadn’t. WTG Colin!

  5. That is terrific news. We’ll keep all our fingers crossed that he can come off of it quickly and his system figures out what to do correctly on its own.

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