Jon Stewart takes on the Idaho Idiots

I heart Jon Stewart, so I was VERY excited to see what he had to say about the Idaho Idiots. It was funny, but he should have been meaner, gone deeper. He should have punched them in the face for me.

Anyway, at least he addressed it. Here’s what he had to say.

Oh, and now I want to punch Geraldo Rivera, too. And if someone holds him down, I’ll trim that stupid mustache at the same time. Why the hell would he be defending “the missionaries” even now that the facts on this case have come to light ?! IDIOT.

At least my man Jon did a better job addressing what Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson had to say about Haiti. IDIOTS.

I’ve heard that catastrophes can bring out the best in people. I think that’s probably true for many who were affected by the Haiti earthquake. People saw a need, and decided to help. There are people working hard in Haiti, first to rescue victims, and now to make sure that the Haitian people have food, water, medicine, and shelter. People donated money generously, too, as a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign was mobilized to get the necessary supplies to the workers on the ground. So, yes catastrophes can bring out the best in people.

Unfortunately, it also brings out the IDIOTS. Won’t someone just punch them for me, please!? PLEASE!!?


5 thoughts on “Jon Stewart takes on the Idaho Idiots

    • Are you freakin’ kidding me!!!??? Their first lawyer was already fired for trying to bribe their way out for $60,000.

      This is a nightmare. I’m less and less optimistic that this circus is going to end with any real punishment for these people.

      • *sniff, sniff* I smell greasy palms…

        Haitian Judge OKs Release of Detained Americans
        Posted: Feb 11, 2010 8:31 PM CST
        CST Haiti —
        Almost two weeks after being charged with kidnapping and criminal association, a judge said 10 missionaries should be freed from a Haitian jail.

        Supporters of Baptists from New Life Children’s Refuge aren’t celebrating yet, but it does have some people in Haiti and here at home a little more optimistic than last week.

        That’s because for the 10 Americans — eight from Idaho and five from the Treasure Valley — a three week stay in a Haitian jail might be coming to an end.

        “If the release of the Americans is granted, they will be able to leave the country, as long as their attorney provides guarantees for them,” said Haitian Judge Bernard Saint-Vil…

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