Out of the Mouths: “That Freakin’ Monitor”

We have a baby monitor problem in our house. We have a double monitor that we use in Noah and Zoe’s rooms, and then another monitor for Colin’s room. They interfere with each other ALL THE TIME and it’s really annoying.

Apparently Christian and I have been very vocal about how annoying it is, because the other day Noah said, “Ugh. Why is that freakin’ monitor beeping again!?”

Oops. It could’ve been much worse I guess, but maybe we should watch it.


2 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths: “That Freakin’ Monitor”

  1. Unfortunately they hear more than you think they do. We do find here that we are a lot more aware of what we are saying and revising a lot of things before they come out of our mouths.

  2. Ah yes, Aiden outed me the first time last week with “shit”. Nice. Luckily it sounded like sheet and I tried to help him learn “shoot” by saying it over and over. Who am I kidding? He’s going to go to school and say “shit”. Better yet, it will probably be in Sunday school.

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