Here’s to nothing in 2010!

I realize we’re already into the third week of the year, so a post about the “new” year isn’t exactly timely at this point, but oh well.

Our goal for 2010 is…. (drum roll please)…. NOTHING. Seriously. I hope that nothing major happens in 2010. We are due for a calm year. Christian and I have gone through some major life-event together every year of the last decade.

Let me re-cap:

  • 2001  – Christian and I started dating. He moved two hours away shortly afterward, and we continued in a long-distance relationship. I knew he was moving away when we started dating, so I figured we would just go out a couple of times, and that would be that. Little did I know that he would only be gone for 50 weeks, and that one of us would make the two-hour drive 48 of those 50 weekends.
  • 2002 – Christian moved back, and we moved in together. Neither one of us had ever lived with a significant other, so it was a bit of an adjustment. He proposed a few months later, and we started planning our wedding.
  • 2003 – We had our dream wedding, complete with 300 guests. Later that year we bought our first house and I started working on my Master’s. I also started a new job.
  • 2004 – We tried, unsuccessfully, to get pregnant, and learned that we had fertility “issues.” We started fertility treatments and battled with our insurance company to get them to cover some of it.
  • 2005 – We continued fertility treatments and got pregnant, but miscarried. Two months later we finally got pregnant with Noah. I finished my Master’s and Christian went back to school.
  • 2006 – We had Noah! Several months later we began the paperwork to adopt from Vietnam.
  • 2007 – We adopted Zoe! Later we started the paperwork to adopt from Vietnam again.
  • 2008 – We learned that we would not be able to adopt from Vietnam again, and started the paperwork for domestic adoption. Though we expected to wait 12-18 months, we brought Colin home just seven short weeks later! Also, Christian started a new job and graduated with his Bachelor’s.
  • 2009 – We sold and bought a house (very quickly).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining or anything. These were (mostly) wonderful things that happened to us, and we are blessed to be where we are now. It’s just time we had a NORMAL year.

So SERIOUSLY. Here’s to nothing in 2010! Please!


6 thoughts on “Here’s to nothing in 2010!

  1. WOW! Life is full of excitement in Indiana 🙂
    Are you ready for birthday #4? Time goes SO fast. Your oldest, my youngest. Enjoy your day.

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