Favorite Photo Friday – Christian in Kindergarten


I thought that we have abused ourselves and our family enough on the Favorite Photo Fridays, so I thought this week I would drag a few friends along for the ride. Yes, you can still make fun of me though, as I am in the picture, too. See if you can pick me out. Anyway, this week is inspired by some of the nostalgia I feel when Noah and Zoe talk about playing with their friends at school, and the fact that I have been freaking out thinking about how soon Noah will be in kindergarten himself. I actually have a ton of unusually vivid memories from my younger years, so I’d like to share some stories and hopefully embarrass a few old friends who may or may not read the blog.

If you didn’t already know, Tracy and I were in the same grade throughout our school careers, but went to different elementary and middle schools. However, if I continued on in public school for high school, we would have been in the same school and class so we would have conceivably known each other. Since a bunch of people I went to elementary and middle school with went on to go to the same high school as Tracy, we have quite a few mutual acquaintances. (Our friend Stacey is one, but too bad she didn’t go to kindergarten with me or we could pick on her as well). The picture has numbers and names on it that I will explain. Sorry if this is too hard to see small, just right click the picture and open it in a new tab or window to see it bigger while you read.

1. Ray – Ray is a mutual acquaintance and he lived pretty close to the house where I grew up. I recently told Tracy a story about going to his house for his birthday party where his ENTIRE family was there.

2. Jill – Not a mutual acquaintance, but I remember she and I used to hide behind trees and kiss at recess!

3. Noah – Noah was a mutual acquaintance and when we were picking out baby names while Tracy was pregnant with our Noah, we would each veto names when we knew or had known someone with the same name that we didn’t like for some reason. Happily, this was not the case with the name Noah. He was (and I assume, still is) a very nice guy.

4. Amanda – Amanda was a mutual acquaintance and it is amazing how paths can cross after so much time has passed. I met Amanda again when I was a senior in high school and dated her briefly. She even was my senior year prom date. (I guess I must have been some kind of ladies man in kindergarten.)

5. Darnell – Darnell is a mutual acquaintance who Tracy and I had diner with shortly after we were married. I remember singing in choir with Darnell in middle school.

It really is amazing that I can remember almost everyone in this picture. Several others who I remember very well also went on to high school with Tracy, but I didn’t have any super funny or interesting stories about them (yet?). Maybe we will re-cross paths with some of them someday, who knows?


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