A Smokin’ New Year’s Eve

I could be all negative and say that our New Year hasn’t started out well since we almost had a fire New Year’s Eve and our new house may have some electrical problems, but instead I will focus on the positive. Our 2010 started off very well because our new house DID NOT BURN DOWN.

New Year’s Eve began as a pretty typical night. I was in the family room with Colin and Noah while Christian was having a battle of wills with Zoe at the dinner table because she would not sit still and eat. I had started some laundry a while earlier, and we were waiting for some friends to arrive with their kids.

Suddenly I started to smell a horrid burning odor. We tracked down the stench and found that the electrical outlet where our dryer was plugged in was probably about 30 seconds from bursting into flames. Fun times. I guess the wiring in the receptacle was loose. LUCKILY, we were home and awake when it happened. Scary stuff.

Ironically, the man we bought the house from was a firefighter, but we realized we did not have a single fire extinguisher here. We had them at our old house because we purchased them in order to pass our home study visit with the social worker before we adopted Zoe. We left them though because they were mounted on the walls.

New Year’s Day involved a trip to the hardware store to buy fire extinguishers for each level of our house, and a resolution to test our smoke detectors monthly.


9 thoughts on “A Smokin’ New Year’s Eve

  1. Whoa, that was close! What a blessing that you smelled it and got to it before it burst into flames … seriously, if that had happened in the middle of the night? Yikes…
    Very good idea to get those fire extinguishers – and now you’ll probably never need them again!

  2. I certainly hope we never need them again!!!

    I think we’re also going to look into those escape ladder things for the bedrooms on the second floor. At our old house you could climb onto the roof from the bedrooms, but here it’s straight down. That’s another one of those things that we hope we will never need to actually use once we buy them.

  3. Holy Cow glad that didnt turn into anything worse! Sure miss you guys! Seems weird looking out knowing that you guys aren’t across the street! Hey don’t stop the blog. It is great and fun to keep up with you all.

  4. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! So glad you guys were home and everyone is fine. Please keep your blog going, I look forward to reading it and seeing what the kids are up to and how much they are growing and changing. Tons of love, T. Culbreath

  5. Wow, Tracy! Glad everything turned out OK. Shouldn’t that have been caught with the inspection? I had no idea that an outlet could start a fire. Hope everything else is going good.:)

  6. I’m glad it didn’t turn into anything bad. And one bit of advice I will offer, since my DH is a 20+ year firefighter and former fire chief…don’t leave the dryer running if you aren’t home. Nor any other heat producing applicance like toaster or coffee maker. They are known to cause fires. I don’t unplug the stove or microwave but nothing else is ever plugged in until we need them. Better safe than sorry.

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