We are homeless

Well, not really, but we will be soon. We are supposed to close on our house November 23rd, and we have possession for 30 additional days. That means we have to be out by Christmas. Crap. Like there’s not enough to do around Christmas…

Ideally, we would close on a new house at the end of November and have time to move into it. So far though, we’ve not made an offer on anything. There are two houses that we really like, but we’re not sure that either of them is THE house. When we looked at our current house, we walked in and said, “This is it.” It just felt right. There are things about the two houses we are looking at now that are right, but some that we are just not sure of. If we could move one of the houses to the other’s location, we would be set.

At this point we are making lists of the pros and cons of each, and trying to come to a decision. Part of us feels like maybe it’s just that neither house is right, and that we should just be patient until we find THE house. After all, we are planning to be in this house forever, or at least until the kids move out. Honestly, we originally thought we were going to be in our current house forever, but that was when we were planning to have two biological children. Now that we have three children, including two who are minorities, we want something with a little more space and in a more diverse neighborhood. If we don’t find something, we can live with Christian’s parents or my parents for a little while, but that certainly would not be the ideal situation. Not only would it be a pain in the *ss to move twice, I would feel very bad about disrupting the kids lives twice.

I like order, stability, and having a plan. We have none of that right now, and it is freaking me the freak out! When we listed the house, Christian was certain it would sell, but I was skeptical. I really thought we were sort of testing the waters. I thought we would list now until the first time homeowner tax credit ran out, then pull the listing until spring. Kelli pointed out that I really should not be surprised. She said,

Okay, really? You are shocked? Who can say their house sold in 2 days? -the same people who completed 2 adoptions in like 2 years and more quickly than ever expected.

Yeah, I guess we do do things fast in our family. Maybe I should trade in my minivan for a Mustang. I just keep telling myself that we were freaked out when we figured out that Noah and Zoe would only be ten months apart, but we got through it and it certainly turned out to be a wonderful thing. We were REALLY freaked when we got the phone call so suddenly about adopting Colin, but we got through it and it certainly turned out to be a wonderful thing. I know this will all work out. I just need to focus on not throwing up and not sh*tting my pants one day at a time.


10 thoughts on “We are homeless

  1. Breathe…….
    I once did a Christmas move. We were still moving on Christmas eve and had to get a tree out of the dumpster at Target because everything was closed by the time we could look. It turned out to be our favorite Christmas so don’t worry it will all come together.

    • I’m impressed that you even did a Christmas tree. I was already thinking that was out this year, and that the kids could just enjoy the trees at their granparents’ houses.

  2. You’ve done a great job with the handling adoptions and having kids so close together, you will handle the move and house hunting with grace too. It will be a wonderful thing! And since you’re not moving too far away from me- I will be on standby with extra underwear.

  3. This sounds stressful! But I have to say something…

    a) It will work out. It will. I can imagine how stressful this is, but is it a possibility for you to rent for a few months while you find the perfect place?

    If not…

    b) I moved every year of my life until I was in middle school, then proceeded to go to three different high schools. I’m not gonna lie – the third high school sucked – but the grade school/middle school thing? It was fine. My brother and I survived. In fact, I’d say we are more socially adept/more socially clued in/more accepting of people who are different from us (in lots of different ways) than many of my peers.

    Is it okay for every kid? No, probably not. My youngest brother probably would have struggled with the lifestyle his siblings had (we are 13 years apart); he’s managed to move only 2x in his childhood (he’s in high school now). But your kids are close together, and they have you both, and if you have to move houses more than once before they are 18, they will be okay. Obviously, if you would like to have one more house forever, it would be ideal – but in a crunch, to take a place that is not perfect, it is not totally crazy to think about moving another time before they graduate from high school.

  4. I know you’re going through a whirlwind right now, but keep in mind you did sell your house in a tough market, tax credit or not! Great job!! It’s also really nice that you both have parents that are there to support you guys and help out with a place to stay for a while if needed. You’ll get through it, just keep chugging the Pepto.

  5. the area we live in houses sale in 1 day. We had so many houses go the day they posted… it was impossible to buy 1. But w did get one matter of fact we were the 1st to see it and gave an offer on the first day & added a little preassure by asking for an answer by 10am the next morning. There next appt was after that time.
    We lucked outand they took our bid. After appraisal we found out the house we bought appriased for 25,000.00 more than we paid … So thank god He did us proud.

    Good luck on your move. we had to be out last halloween and live w/my parents for 3weeks

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