We listed our house Thursday afternoon and started getting showings within 24 hours. At 5pm today, we got an offer for list price. Now we have to move, which means we have to pack all of our crap, and find a house to which to move. I’m either going to throw up or sh*t my pants. I haven’t figured out which yet.


18 thoughts on “Sold

  1. Holy Cow, What?!! That is amazing!! What an incredible blessing that your house was on the market such a short time, and in this economy! Awesome.

    • Chris-

      There’s an $8,000 tax credit for 1st time home buyers that expires in November, and we’re in the right price range for that market. People are scrambling to get closed before the credit expires. We were trying to take advantage of it by listing now instead of waiting until the spring, but we HAD NO IDEA it would happen this fast. We’re a bit freaked!!!!

  2. Okay, really? Are you shocked? Who can say their house sold in 2 days- the same people who completed 2 adoptions in like 2 years and more quickly than ever expected 🙂

  3. UNREAL. I know about the credit, but THAT is amazing. (Lots of people are in that bracket around us, and their places aren’t moving that fast…) Great news!!

    • Jan-

      We’re still planning on having it on the 24th. Things may be a bit of a mess though, so you’ll have to bear with us!

  4. CRAZINESS! Wish I lived closer, so I could help you. Our neighbors just sold their house within a week to the first person that looked at it, must be a good time right now. Good luck with everything.

  5. Holy crap – I can’t believe you sold your house in 2 days for list price in this crappy economy. I hope you find your next dream home soon!

  6. Crazy!!! I get a few days behind on your blog and you’ve sold your house???? Oh. My. Word! Good luck finding a new one. If you can’t decide between the two you’re looking at, I vote you just keep looking.

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