Out of the Mouths – Wedgies

Grandma and Grandpa taught the kids about wedgies last week. Sweet.


Noah: “Mommy, you would be mad if I gave you a wedgie, right?”

Me: “Yes, Honey, you’re right. I wouldn’t like that.”

Noah: “OK. I’ll wait until Daddy gets home.”


5 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths – Wedgies

  1. Yes, Daddy did get a wedgie, but it was a weak one. I guess we don’t have to worry about REAL wedgies until they’re a few years older.

  2. Your folks are stealing the things I’m suppossed to teach Noah. I thought the teaching of wedgies was in the Godfather contract?….Dang what’s next spitballs, saran wrap on the toilet seat…?

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