A Soccer Mom in her Rockin’ Minivan

I am officially a soccer mom. My rockin’ minivan drives Noah and Zoe to soccer lessons on Saturday mornings. They started last week. Since they are only ten months apart, I had been waiting until their ages were right for them to be in the same class. As another mom with three kids close together once pointed out, “Mommy and Me” classes are common, but “Mommy and Me and Me and Me” classes (or, to be fair, “Daddy and Me and Me and Me” classes) are pretty hard to find. This is a parent-child class, and our goal (ha ha!) is to be able to do it with one parent for both children. We’ve had someone watch Colin the past two weeks so that Christian and I could both be on the field with Noah and Zoe, but we’re going to try it with just one of us next week. Wish us luck!

They have both done pretty well.  Zoe jumped right in with no problem. Noah was a little more hesitant, but there was certainly an improvement from last week to today.


I really wanted to get a picture of Noah and Zoe together in their uniforms. I don’t love Noah’s fake smile in this one…



…but it’s better than him sticking his tongue out in this one. He does this every time I try to take a picture these days and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY.



Zoe on the field:



As I said earlier, Noah was a little hesitant about the whole soccer thing, but he LOVES the uniform. He wants to wear it all.the.time. He even wants to sleep in it. We’ve had to say that it is a *special* uniform only to be worn for soccer as an incentive for him to go. The first week of soccer, Noah was the “Star of the Week” at his pre-school, so it was his turn to bring Corduroy home and journal about his adventures. We made sure to take Corduroy to practice with us and then get a picture of Noah in his uniform for his journal. Noah was thrilled.



6 thoughts on “A Soccer Mom in her Rockin’ Minivan

    • Zoe was fine, but Noah sat out the first half of the first class. I eventually convinced him to go on the field.

      When you sign up, ask if they offer free introductory lessons. It’s nice to try it before committing to a 10-12 week class (and spending the money!). We’re thinking we will do a session of soccer, a session of tumbling, a session of t-ball, swimming lessons, karate, etc, so they get a little experience in everything. Then when they are a little older we’ll let them each choose what they want to pursue.

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