Florida Photos – More Family

One of the reasons we chose to go to Florida for vacation was to visit family. My uncle Scott and Aunt Wanda live there with two of their teenaged kids, Scotty and Kristina. My Aunt Dean and Uncle Bill live there, as does their youngest son Steve, his wife Jennifer, and their daughters,  Sarah (8) and Alexandra (2). My parents have a condo in Indian Rocks Beach (they rent it out most of the year), so we stayed there. My mom was able to go down with us, but my step-dad had to work and couldn’t make it.


My mom:



My cousin Kristina:



Aunt Dean, Mom, Noah Zoe, cousin Alex, and Colin:



Mom, Scott, Wanda, Kristina and her boyfriend, Scotty and his girlfriend, Zoe, and Colin:



Scott and Wanda:



All of us on the dolphin cruise:



Christian in the pool with Colin and cousin Sarah:



Sarah, swimming and doing her best to grow some teeth:



4 thoughts on “Florida Photos – More Family

  1. Wow, Tracy, I didn’t realize how much you look like your mom…two pretty ladies. I know a certain former babysitter who would check herself into an old age home if she saw that picture of Kristina. LOL

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