Hello again

Hi. It’s me, Tracy. Remember me? I used to post to my blog with some regularity, but for some reason or another, I’ve been absent. Did anyone miss me?

First we went to Florida and I didn’t want to post that we were out of town on the blog. Luckily, however, I DID post on Facebook that I spent my birthday drinking beer in the ocean. Our neighbor happened to read my status update and thought it was a little weird that our garage door was open when I was in the ocean, since our neighborhood is nowhere near a salty body of water. It turns out that we live in a very nice neighborhood because, in addition to having nice neighbors who keep an eye out for us, our garage door was open for 48 hours and no one  took that as an open invitation to take our television or Christian’s car, which was sitting in the garage with the keys in it. Phew. That would have sucked.

Then we got back and I fell while trying to step over a baby gate and hurt my back. When I finally got into an orthopedist, I found out I have scoliosis. Yes, THAT kind of scoliosis – the kind most people find out they have when they are in grade school, and not when they are 33. The fall didn’t cause the scoliosis, but aggravated it, and I have been in PAIN ever since. When the doctor put my x-ray up I said, “Well that doesn’t look good,” as I looked at the very obvious curve in my lower spine. He kept saying, “You’ve never had back problems before? You didn’t have back surgery as a kid?” It kind of freaked me out a little. Apparently I stand and walk wrong and they want me to go to a bunch of physical therapy, but I told them I was not quite sure when I would fit that in, with the three small children and the job and all. So, now I’m supposed to go at least a couple of times so they can show me exercises I can do on my own.

Anyway, I have a TON of pictures to post from Florida. We bought a dSLR in July, so I was practicing a lot when we were in Florida. I’m even shooting in MANUAL. (Insert oohs and aahs here.). In fact, I took so many photos that it was a little overwhelming trying to sort through them, pick the decent ones, organize them, edit them, etc. I will probably be posting them over the next week, so bear with me.


7 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. Yikes! Umm, yeah, the usually diagnose that a little younger than 33, don’t they? I hope the physical therapy helps. Love the booger pictures above! And your mom looks way too young to be your mom, BTW.

  2. I’m so amazed that you haven’t had back problems until now. I have scoliosis too (diagnosed at the normal age) and I have back problems because I refused to do what they told me to (because I? am a rebel). You’re lucky! And maybe even lucky because you will probably do what you’re supposed to do! 🙂

    Maybe I should look into PT, huh? On the long long list of things to do.

    • I mean, you’re lucky that you don’t have back problems, and that you’ll do what you’re supposed to do because you’re at an age where you’re mature.

      I need to finish my sentences. I am sorry for the diagnosis, though. That must be a shock. And I hope your back (injury) feels better soon.

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