Colin’s first day of school

Yesterday was Colin’s first day of “school.” It’s a church pre-school, from 9am-2pm, and he’s going on Wednesdays. Noah has been at the same school for two years, and Zoe has been there one year. They both go three days a week.

I was really afraid that Colin would cry as I dropped him off, but he did very well. No crying at all. The teachers said he had a great day.

I didn’t get any pictures in the morning because I forgot my camera, even though I wrote myself a note that said, “CAMERA,” in orange highlighter.

I did get pictures when I picked the kids up though. Colin doesn’t look traumatized at all, so that’s a bonus.



I tried to get a picture of the three kids together, but Noah would not cooperate. His new “thing” is sticking out his tongue whenever I ask him to pose for a picture. (See “The Outtakes” for further evidence.)



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