Potty training nuances

Zoe needed to go potty. I asked if she wanted to use the Elmo seat or if she just wanted to sit on the regular seat. She said, “I want to stand up.” I tried to explain why she couldn’t do this, but she still seems a little upset that her brother gets to stand and she doesn’t.

While at the beach, Noah said he needed to go potty. I told him we could walk to the bathroom or that he could just potty in the water. I, of course, meant that he could get in the water and pee. He took me literally though, and just pulled his pants down while standing on the shore. He pointed himself toward the water, leaving me and the other patrons of the public beach staring at his naked little white butt (and his bits and pieces).


3 thoughts on “Potty training nuances

  1. Look at it this way, at least your children tell you when they have to potty and don’t walk with their back against the wall trying to hide the fact that they just pooped.

  2. The differences sure can be confusing. C is dreading the time when he has to teach Jammer to stand up and pee. But of course we have to get him trained first.

    At least there was a whole lot of water to dilute Noah’s addition.

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