I said, he heard

Our dog Toby is sick (more on that in another post) and our vet put him on prednisone. As I was packing for a trip, I was half talking to Christian, half talking to myself. Christian was half listening.

I said: “I need to take the prednisone with us.”

He heard: “I need to take a pregnancy test.”

Luckily he did not have a heart attack.


5 thoughts on “I said, he heard

  1. bwaahaha! What strikes me as funny is like you would say that so off handedly while packing..”Let’s see…have my toothbrush, shampoo, and I need to take a pregnancy test…”

  2. Opps, I wasn’t done typing the above! What I was going to say was I go through that everyday with my husband. He can only hear about 20% out of only one ear. The other ear is no good at all. So he is always confused on what I say. His hearing aid broke YEARS ago and just won’t go get another one! Sometimes it is funny….then other times???? I WANT TO BANG MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALLS!

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