Favorite Photo Friday – Colin’s Fang

I took this on my camera phone, so the photo quality isn’t very good, but it shows my little vampire. Most babies get their two bottom teeth and then their two top teeth, but Colin doesn’t do anything by the textbook. I was starting to think we were going to have to look into baby dentures when his bottom two teeth finally arrived. He went a couple more months without any more coming in, so we thought maybe he was just going to have the bottom two for the rest of his life. Then all four of his front teeth started coming in at the same time. The one on the left side has poked through first, so he has a cute little fang.



4 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Friday – Colin’s Fang

  1. Jammer didn’t follow the teething rules either but eventually they all showed up and are beautiful. And he is adorable with or without teeth. I’m betting he isn’t grinning like this all the time right now with the toothy pain.

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