Colin’s 12 (and 3/4) month update

We had Colin’s one-year visit with the pediatrician yesterday. The appointment was supposed to be earlier this month, but the doctor had to change it. So, this is technically his 12-3/4-month update.

Colin is 20 pounds, 6 ounces, and he’s 29-1/2 inches tall. This puts him between the 25th and 50th percentile for height, and between the 10th and 25th percentile for weight.

So far he only has his two front bottom teeth, but ALL FOUR of his top front teeth are coming in at once now. Fun times.

He babbles a lot, but so far “uh oh” is the only word he has used in the correct context. He says it when he drops things, but he also says it when he throws things down that he wants us to pick up for him.

He started taking steps last week, and I would say he is very close to officially walking. He takes 10-12 steps before he drops down to crawl. When I talk about the fact that he is starting to walk, people say, “Oh you’re going to be in trouble now. He’ll be everywhere,” but I really don’t understand that thinking. He won’t be anywhere he can’t already go by crawling, and at least he will be off the floor. I mean, I don’t mind him being on the floor at home, but it completely grosses me out to let him crawl around in public. Blech.

Besides that, he is a FAST crawler. Christian has started calling him “Speed Racer.” He crawls fast on purpose, too. When he grabs the remote or my phone (or anything else he knows he’s not supposed to have), he takes off with it. As soon as I say, “No no, Colin,” he smiles, heads the other way, and makes me chase him. Also, we keep the pocket door to our hallway closed so he can’t go up the stairs (he can go UP the stairs on his own, but isn’t so good at coming back DOWN). As soon as he hears the sound of that door opening, he’s like a horse coming out of the gate. Unfortunately for us, Noah and Zoe open that door several times a day to get to the potty and don’t always remember to shut it behind them, so we are always chasing him.

When Colin was a newborn, my sister-in-law told me about these pacifiers called Wubbanubs:


It’s like a little Beanie Baby attached to a Soothie pacifier. I initially liked them because they were much harder to lose than regular pacifiers. I also thought that the fact that animal was attached would make it more cumbersome for Colin to keep in his mouth, so he would only want them at bedtime and not while he was playing. Nope. He doesn’t care. He just crawls and/or walks around with a pacifier and a stuffed animal hanging out of his mouth (and ofter another one or two in his hands). Last night after we gave the kids baths, we were just hanging out upstairs (with the gate at the top of the stairs closed, of course). Colin went into his room, pulled two of his Wubbanubs out of his crib through the slats. He still does the Frankenstein walk, with his hands out in front to balance him, so when he came walking (stumbling) out of his room with one pacifier in his mouth and one in his hand, he looked like the Pacifier Monster.   

Colin is not a great eater and has had some trouble with weight gain, so we recently switched him to Pediasure. We give him a sippy cup occasionally, but our doctor doesn’t think we should ditch the bottle yet because he’s afraid Colin would drink even less than he does now. We also add butter, wheat germ, or a supplement called Duocal to all of his solid foods to get in some extra calories. His hemoglobin was low when they tested him at the doctor’s office. It’s supposed to above 10, and his was 10.2, so they suggested we give him a vitamin with iron in it. They said it’s nothing to worry about, and that it’s very common in kids who aren’t good eaters.

He’s definitely not as mellow as he was as a younger baby (as soon as he figured out how to move, he never wanted to hold still again), but he is still very good, and incredibly happy.


5 thoughts on “Colin’s 12 (and 3/4) month update

  1. Hey Tracy- If Colin is of Asian descent he could have Thalassemia trait like my husband and daughter. It’s a genetic condition that causes abnormal hemoglobin. It isn’t something that pediatricians automatically look for… Hugs, mel

    • Melissa –

      Colin is actually Caucasian/ Hispanic. I looked up Thalassemia, and does look like it affects a high number of Hispanic people as well, so I will ask about it.

      We have been doing those vitamin drops and he throws up every time we give them to him. Any other suggestions?

      • If its thalassemia, there’s no treatment for the minor trait. Might be why the drops are making him sick. I don’t have the trait but vitamins make me sick too! It may be worth asking your pediatrician to do the bloodwork to determine what kind of anemia he has. They tried to put Lillie on the drops at that age, but she spit them out. Super nasty!!!! We waited a few years before we did the bloodwork because she seemed fine and we could reasonably assume she inherited the trait from Matt. When she was old enough to complain of fatigue we started investigating. Let me know if you have more questions. He’s sooo cute!

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