Colin’s first birthday

Colin’s first birthday was July 9th. He wasn’t feeling well on his actual birthday, so we just had a small party with family a few days later.

We received Zoe’s referral just before Noah turned one. While reading about Vietnamese traditions, I learned about the thoi noi, a Confucian tradition celebrated in Vietnam as part of a first birthday. At Noah’s first birthday party, we placed various objects in a circle and sat him in the middle. The objects he chose first are supposed to represent what he will be when he is an adult. We did the same thing on Zoe’s first birthday, using the same objects, so of course we had to do it for Colin’s birthday, too. (Since Colin is Hispanic, I did try to find Hispanic birthday traditions, but the only thing I came across was the pinata and a special celebration for a girl’s 15th birthday. If anyone has ideas for future birthdays, please let me know.)

These are the objects we used and what they are supposed to represent:

~ dollar bill – wealth
~ skein of yarn – long life
~ hair brush – good looks
~ calculator – business
~ ruler – engineer
~ laptop – technology career
~ Russ’s (Christian’s dad) Navy colors and wings – military
~ Christian’s mandolin – talent for music
~ paintbrushes – artist
~ a toy dog – veterinarian
~ toothbrush – dentist
~ thesaurus – scholar or lawyer
~ measuring cup – chef
~ football – athlete
~ toy stethoscope – doctor

Colin’s first choice was the toothbrush. Then he chose the stethoscope and Christian’s mandolin. Christian was psyched because Colin is the first of our children to go for music. On Noah’s first birthday, he chose Russ’s military colors, then the toothbrush, and then the calculator. Zoe chose the laptop, the dollar bill, and then the toothbrush. Interesting that they all went for the toothbrush at some point, huh?



After the thoi noi and presents, we did cake. Grandpa told him he was really going to like it.



“Mmm. Cake. Let me at it.”



“Nah, I don’t think I like this. Get me out of here.”



Colin is not a big eater, so I didn’t expect him to actually eat much of the cake, but I did think he’d make more of a mess than he did. Oh well. He was much happier to eat his toys in the bathtub as we cleaned the icing off of him.



8 thoughts on “Colin’s first birthday

    • I think it would be great if they all had a practice together. I think “My Minivan Rocks Family Dental Group” sounds terrific!

      I’m trying to figure it out though. Since Noah picked the military colors first, maybe he will join the military and get his dental school paid for, and since he also chose a calculator, maybe he will handle the books. Zoe chose the laptop and the dollar bill. Maybe she will be the techie of the practice. Since Colin chose the stethoscope, maybe he will do the dental surgeries! (I can’t figure out how he will incorporate the mandolin, so maybe music will just be a side project.

      In any case, it will be very strange if any of them become dentists since I have an IRRATIONAL PARALYZING FEAR of the dentist.

  1. My boy didn’t get much into the cake smushing either.

    I’m glad he is feeling more like celebrating these days.

  2. Quinn barely ate his first birthday cake, too. The mess was so small he didn’t even need a bath, just a quick face wipe. *sigh* doesn’t make for fun picutres. Love the picture of Colin in the tub! Very big, bright eyes.

  3. Maybe all your kids just have good oral hygiene? 🙂 At least you won’t have to spend a lot on dental bills later!

  4. Isn’t it so funny how little kids just don’t like cake very much?! My two and my niece only took a couple of bites and was DONE!

    Happy belated birthday Colin!

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