Fourth of July photos

I have been thinking about getting a dSLR for a LONG time now, and finally decided to go for it. Funny thing though, I thought my husband was just being supportive over this past year that I’ve been pondering the camera when he said I “should just buy it.” Turns out that he is was almost as excited about our new gadget as I am. I’ve talked about being the crazy camera lady before. Well, now we can call him the crazy camera guy. These photos are from Fourth of July weekend, and Christian took all of them. I actually don’t think I took a single picture the entire weekend.

These were all taken as we headed out in the boat to see the fireworks Friday night, so there  aren’t any of Colin. He and Lila stayed home with Mimi and the dogs because it was past their bedtimes (and really past Noah and Zoe’s too, as seen in their “contemplative” faces).





Noah sticks his tongue out like this when he’s thinking:



This isn’t the greatest photo of Zoe, but this evil little grin is all too familiar these days:



A more respectable picture of Charlie, Noah’s Godfather, than the one I posted of him with a beer up his nose:



6 thoughts on “Fourth of July photos

  1. Thanks Tracy, I appreciate the redemption with a better photo. I had a great time at the lake. Thanks for the invite.

    • Canon. 🙂

      I got the model with the live view. I borrowed a Nikon for a few weeks before we made the purchase, and I couldn’t refocus my right eye for distance after taking pictures for too long. It was very weird. I even went to the eye doctor. He said that I am over-focusing, and I am supposed to try to keep both eyes open when looking through the viewfinder. It’s really hard for me to do it that way. Do you guys close one eye, or keep both open?

      Anyway, that was my reasoning behind purchasing the one with live view, but so far I’m still mostly using the viewfinder!

  2. It’s addictive, isn’t it? I bought mine back in Feb/March and it is all I can do to leave it at home when I leave for work.

    Yeah, Canon or Nikon…inquiring minds need to know!

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