Mommy drinks because you cry

I’ve tried to explain to my children that they are only allowed to cry one at a time, but they just don’t seem to understand.

This is what happens when they miss their naps.





And, in case you didn’t get the full effect from the photos, check out the video here.


15 thoughts on “Mommy drinks because you cry

    • Oh you have to watch the video for the full effect. I was laughing while I was filming it. I figured I had to find the humor in the situation or I would end up crying too!

      • Ok, I watched. I feared flashback horrors, but was laughing too hard to even work up a good shudder. Tell Noah his anguish would be much more believable if he didn’t stop to mug for the camera. LOL

  1. I watched the video (I have no idea why, since I have similar situations in my home almost daily..) but it made me smile b/c I can sooo relate. I had to laugh when Noah completely stopped at the beginning to look at the camera for a minute! Now if you could only get the dogs to howl along like mine sometimes do at my house…

  2. I’m with Bev- think I need a drink after watching that video. I just had to laugh- Noah sounded like he had been possessed. Yikes! I did have to give it a 5 star rating- it’s a classic already.

  3. If you ever figure out how to get that point across let me know….I have tried to tell them one at a time as well and NO luck.

  4. And I thought my kids were the only ones who did that, naps or no naps! Both of our kids are watching this video. Logan said, “Wow they are loud!” And Ava said, “She crying?”.
    Too funny! I agree, you need a “mommy drink”!

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