Out of the mouths – “Happy now?”

Last week my mom and I took the kids to visit my step-dad at work. As we were getting back in the car, I asked Noah and Zoe to climb in their carseats while I changed Colin’s diaper. Noah climbed up, but Zoe kept stalling. I asked her several more times, but she wasn’t cooperating.

Finally I got mad and yelled at her to get in her seat. She begrudgingly climbed up, and with mega attitude said, “Are you happy now!?”

Oh that girl. I’m in trouble.


10 thoughts on “Out of the mouths – “Happy now?”

  1. Sassy and bold, if you didn’t know that already. Remember, I have the male version of Zoe here so I get it all too well.

    • Oh she was there. And she definitely got a good laugh.

      She’s getting it from Zoe too though, since she watches the kids 2 days a week. The other day she put Zoe in time out and Zoe looked at her and said, “I am NOT happy.”

  2. Tracy,

    Last week Annie told me to “Just Settle Down Mom”-I think we are all in a little trouble!
    I love following your blog-thanks for the work

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