Backyard fun with (Facebook) friends

Though I have resisted Twitter, I have been sucked into the Facebook world. I even have it on my BlackBerry now, so I can post and read status updates on the go (who doesn’t need that, right?!). Mostly it’s just an excellent way to waste time, but two good things have come out of it: 1) I got in touch with a high school friend who now runs an animal rescue, and I got Leo for my parents, and 2) I re-connected with two friends (one from college and one from high school) who now have kids the same ages as our kids, and we have had some fun playdates. 

Stacey and I were good friends in high school. Our families knew of each other because they both owned restaurants, so it was kind a small world when we met at school and became close. We spent the night at each other’s houses and got into some trouble, too (but that’s a story for another day).  Anyway, Stacey and her husband Shane have a four-year-old daughter named Jasmine, and a two-year-old son named Jahnu. The kids get along really well (and I think Noah has a little bit of a crush on Jasmine).

One thing that’s kind of interesting is that Stacey is Chinese and her husband is Caucasian, so obviously Jasmine and Jahnu are Asian/ Caucasian. I think people have a hard time figuring us out when we go places together. We went to one of those bounce house places and a lady looked really confused when Zoe called me “Mommy” instead of Stacey. It’s also interesting that Noah is the one who doesn’t look like everyone else, since he’s the only kid in the group who doesn’t have black hair!

Anyhow, Shane, Stacey, Jasmine, and Jahnu came over Sunday and it was an awesome, relaxing day. The weather was gorgeous (much cooler than our day with Thomas the Train) and the kids had a blast playing in the sprinkler, in our little inflatable pools, and on the swing set. I know the kids had a blast, because ours all took three-hour naps afterward (and Mom and Dad managed to shut their eyes for a bit, too, which made the day even better).


Jahnu and Noah



Jasmine and Colin



Colin, Jasmine, Jahnu, and Stacey



Colin and Jahnu having what appears to be a very serious conversation. Maybe Jahnu is passing down two-year-old life lessons to his one-year-old friend.



My phone rang while we were in the backyard and Noah ran up to the deck to answer. Whenever the phone rings, Noah says, “Mommy, it’s Grandma,” because it usually is. Of course, it was, so this is Noah telling Grandma, “We’re playing with our friends Jasmine and Jahnu,” and describing the scene in the backyard.



My amazing little boy



My amazing little girl



My amazing little baby boy



Zoe was a bit intimidated by the playset at first, but she’s got the hang of it now.



Colin decided he didn’t like the feel of the grass on his knees, so he crawled around the backyard on his hand and feet. Noah and Zoe said he was walking like Mowgli (from the Jungle Book).





Tired little woman



7 thoughts on “Backyard fun with (Facebook) friends

  1. These are all great pics of a fun day, but that “tired little woman” pic of Zoe is just gorgeous. The sweet look on her face, the tilt of her head, the lighting…beautiful! You should frame that one.

  2. I have resisted joining Facebook and I have no desire to check out Twitter. I have enough trouble keeping up with the sites I’m already on and with my blog. I don’t live where I grew up so I wouldn’t find anyone local from long ago anyway.

    I do like how you’ve reconnected with an old friend and have connected the kids. I’m betting that this is one Facebook friend that won’t get lost in life again.

    • Thanks so much for the compliment on my pictures. I have been borrowing a dSLR and I’ve been trying to learn how to use it, so I really appreciate it!

  3. Love these pictures! When I saw them on Facebook my first thought about Collin crawling was of Jungle Book too, funny that you wrote that on here:) Looks like fun in your backyard…wish we were close enough for a playday.

    • I wish you were close enough for playdates too!

      Christian and I still haven’t figured out where (or if) we are going to go on vacation. We definitely owe you a visit!

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