Favorite Photo Friday – Bachelorette party

This is me before my bachelorette party in 2003. Notice the traditional bachelorette attire: veil, “Suck for a Buck” t-shirt, mini purse of $1 bills, and a pretty penis necklace.



Christian and I had our bachelor/ bachelorette parties the same night. We went out separately, and then our two groups met up later. By that time someone had added a pink feather boa to my bachelorette attire, so I was pretty hard to miss. So, I have to guess that my husband had a little too much to drink by the time we passed each other on a narrow staircase at the bar and HE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE ME. Um, hello? I looked ridiculous, not to mention I was his future wife! I’m never going to let him live that one down.


5 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Friday – Bachelorette party

  1. He was just being a good little groom and determinedly not looking at all the hot women that night, even if they did look ridiculous.

  2. That is too funny. My daughter ’79 had that t-shirt at her bachelorette party… suck for a buck, she made $150.00. They kept putting new life savors on when she would run out.

  3. In his defense, his eyes were mere slits and he had to focus on walking; thusly staring at his feet. That is why he failed to notice you. Trust me I was there.

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