Another day of backyard fun

This one kills me. Colin is totally lounging in the pool while Zoe plays. He looks like he should have a drink in his left hand.



I love these close-ups of Noah and Colin:







 Zoe wouldn’t hold still long enough for a cute close-up, so I got these:




Fun on the swings:





And again with the hose and the sprinkler:




I’ve just started to notice lately how grey Toby’s face looks. Poor Tobe. He was a rescue dog, so we don’t know exactly how old he is, but we are guessing about 9-years-old.



My tired girl after too much fun, with Emily’s hair up her nose (If you enlarge the photo, you can also get a glimpse at Emily’s back fat, since Zoe has taken off Emily’s shirt):



9 thoughts on “Another day of backyard fun

  1. Water play is always fun. By this time next year, poor little Colin will be working hard at keeping up with the other two.

    • I would LOVE to do the pool. Are you REALLY sure you want a visit from my circus? Or maybe we could do it on a weekend when Christian could come too.

  2. Zoe reminds me a lot of my Ava (endless amounts of energy, always on the go).

    I love the close ups of Noah and Colin!

    Toby looks so sweet. I noticed our choco. lab is starting to get a gray beard lately (he’s 6.5 yrs old).

  3. tracy they are so cute and they are getting so big i just cant believe it!We miss you all so much!Hope to see you soon!love ya wanda

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