My husband rocks!

Christian’s band had their CD release party at Locals Only almost two weeks ago, and I never got around to posting these photos.

I know it is short notice, but they also have a show tonight (Thursday) at the Melody Inn if anyone’s up for a night out. (It will be a night out with my husband, not me, since I will be home with the kids, and hopefully in bed, for this one. I had a little too much fun at the CD release party and don’t think I could handle a repeat performance so quickly. And yes, I realize that “so quickly” is almost two weeks later, but I am just not cool enough to be able to drink that much and go at it again anytime soon. Having three young children is a bit of an inconvenience when I desperately need to lie in bed all day because of a raging hangover.)


Left to right: Darby, Josh*, Christian, Mike



Joe on drums:







Our friend Charlie is the band’s “manager.” He is also Noah’s Godfather, though I’m not sure this is the photo I should be displaying when pointing out that little fact:



* Josh and his wife have twins who go to the same pre-school as Noah and Zoe. Josh has long hair a a long, bushy beird. He says that he loves Zoe because, while some of the other kids at school are afraid of him, she comes right up to him and says, “Hi Josh!” and gives him a high-five.


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