Do potty trained girls still wear “diaper covers”?

We are slowly but surely working on this potty training thing with Zoe. She had “accidents” the first six days of her potty training. (I say “accidents” in quotation marks because we are certain that she knew what she was doing at least half of the time. It seems awfully suspicious to us that immediately after Christian put her in time out and p*ssed her off, she just happened to take a dump in her underwear.) 

Anyway, we were ready to throw in the towel after six days, but thought we’d give it just one more day. That was Thursday, and she has not had any accidents since. We are still doing diapers for naps and bedtime, but she is diaper free the rest of the day. I am cautiously optimistic.

So my question is this: Do girls who wear underwear still wear “bloomers” or “diaper covers” with dresses? Most of her dresses come with diaper covers (since she is still wearing 12-18-24 months dresses). Because my little girl is not-so-lady-like, I feel like I should still be covering her panties, especially since her panties are gigantic on her. (The smallest size the undies come in is 2T-3T, which is entirely too big for her. She needs 12-18 months, which I can’t find anywhere). Since I know my delicate little princess will inevitably end up flashing her too big panties, and therefore her hoo ha, should she also wear the “diaper cover” to give a little more “cover”? (My only hesitation is that I don’t want to make it too difficult for her to pull up her own underwear at potty time, and two pairs of “panties” seems a little like overkill.) Or, maybe should she just wear the “diaper cover” as her panties (but some of those are even more gigantic than the underwear)? Thoughts, dear internet friends?


15 thoughts on “Do potty trained girls still wear “diaper covers”?

  1. I like the idea of the diaper cover as undies, cute and practical!

    I think I saw someone on Etsy who made the smaller size underware as I will need it as well – Little Man is showing signs of being ready to train and he is lucky to fit into 12 months size pants etc…and has the skinny skinny waist.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide…

    Oh yeah yep getting caught up today so sorry in advance!

  2. My girls wore the bloomers as panties because, for some reason, they both thought the correct response to “Aren’t you cute?” was flipping their dresses over their heads. I tried the bloomers over panties — that didn’t work so well, but maybe my girls just didn’t have the motor skills to pull it off, so to speak.

  3. I wondered this too. I always used them until suddenly in the last few weeks it just seemed silly. So I think it has less to do with unerwear vs diapers and more to do with the age/size of the child. I don’t really know how else to explain it. Addy just got so long and lanky and tall and leggy that it seemed ridiculous. But she wears a 4T so there ya go! 🙂

  4. My daughter is 2 1/2 and we are going thru the potty training saga too!! If her dresses come with the diaper covers she wears them. I also put shorts on under her other dresses. She will also show any/everyone her underwear too. She has not had any real problems pulling both of them up after going to the bathroom. I just don’t like the idea of anyone seeing her underwear. Good luck!!

    • Shorts under her dresses isn’t a bad idea, especially since we all know that Zoe isn’t exactly a delicate little princess. I’ll definitely have to remember that if I ever send her to school in a dress (or someplace else where I won’t be watching her like a hawk and telling her to put her dress down!).

      • I completely forgot about the shorts under dresses! My girls wore bike shorts under their dresses to school every day cuz they didn’t want the boys to see up their skirts on the swings until 3rd grade, when they discovered jeans and refused to wear dresses ever again – and got too grown up for the swings at the same time. 3rd grade was a tough year for mommy.

  5. I very seldom get diaper cover bloomers with Jenna’s dresses since she is in 2T and 3T. But I would use them as underwear. I sure wish they would make them with Jenna’s dresses as I really love them. They look so much cuter then underwear. And Jenna is always lifting up her dress. Good luck with the potty training!

  6. My youngest daughter is six, and I’d still get dresses with bloomers if they made them in her size. I think they stop making them after 3T, but in the meantime? I got them whenever I could. And she could wear 3T when she was four, so, yeah, girls (mine, anyway) still wear them after they are potty trained. I just don’t like seeing the underwear in church, and it takes a few years for them to learn how to sit appropriately in a dress, kwim?

    • I absolutely kwym. I’m afraid Zoe’s going to be throwing her dress up over her head for a years, hanging upside down on the monkey bars, etc, since she’s not the most girly of girls.

      Since some of her dresses don’t come with diaper covers, I did find some in an Etsy store where they embroidered with her name on the seat, and they came in multiple sizes. We got a size 3, which I think will fit my little munchkin until she is 8-years-old, but they went up to a size 6.

  7. i just read this entry – but have you checked for undies at the EC Store online ? I used some of theirs for my skinny little boy (who at 3 is just now fitting the XS undies at Hanna Andersson)!

    • I hadn’t seen those. Thanks for the tip! Those might actually fit and they have some cute ones. She’s 2-1/2 and she wore a 6-9 month skirt yesterday!

  8. Tracy…come on…Zoe is what two now, Like I keep telling Ashley and Ryan about Makiah, what little girl keeps her dress down. So they show their underwear. We should know who is around our children, come on…cut the little ones some slack and let her have fun…Love ya.

  9. my daughter is 8 and i use rhumba plastic pants on her under her dresses.she is very girly and love sto wear cute dresses.i got the rhumba plastic pants at a garage sale two years ago and she has loved them ever since.she has asked to wear them under her communion dress in may and of course i couldnt refuse her!

  10. my husband and i baptized our 11 year old daighter at easter vigil and we dressed her in the traditional white poofy above the knees baptism dress with a bonnet,lace anklets and white mary janes.i did a cloth diaper and youth size rubber pants on her under her dress and covered them with a cute,satin ruffled diaper cover,she looked very cute with the ruffled diaper cover over her diaper and rubber pants.many other girls had ruffled diaper covers on over their baptismal diapers and rubberpants also.

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