Memorial Day weekend at the lake (with lots of kids)

Christian’s parents have a lake house, and it is a very different place now than it was for all of us just a few years ago. We used to go there for weekend-long parties. We would head to the sandbar for some sun and some day-drinking, then head back to the house and party through the night (for those who could hang that long). Now alcohol has been (partially) replaced by diapers, bottles, sippy cups, potties, etc.

Christian and his brother, Kurt, are only 16 months apart. They both enjoyed growing up so close in age, and wanted to do the same thing when they had children. Amazingly, Christian and I and Kurt and Leah ended up having children about the same time, so Grampie and Mimi had their five grandchildren in less than three years. Christian and I had Noah, Zoe, and Colin in rapid succession, and Kurt and Leah welcomed Hudson and Lila just as quickly. These are their current ages:

  1. Noah – 40 months
  2. Zoe – 30 months
  3. Hudson – 20 months
  4. Colin – 10 months
  5. Lila – 5 months

We really did not plan that 10-months and then 5-months apart thing, but it’s pretty amazing how it turned out, isn’t it?

(Also amazing is that we had kind of a hard time having all of these kids. Christian and I had fertility issues and a miscarriage before we had Noah, then went through uncertainty-filled adoptions to have Zoe and Colin. Hudson was born at only 27-weeks and spent almost three months in the NICU.  Leah started having contractions at around 27 weeks with Lila and had a very difficult pregnancy, but managed to hold out until 36 weeks.)

Christian’s cousin and his wife also have a baby, Dolby, who is 13-months-old.

So, now we have SIX kids running around the lake, who are all within THREE years of one another.


Colin and Lila



Noah and Zoe: “We don’t need no stinkin’ nap!”



Me on the boat with four of the six kids









Dolby and Colin



Noah at the train table



Colin at the train table (such a big boy!)



I have no idea what Colin is so interested in here, but I love this look of concentration.



Noah and Zoe blowing bubbles with Daddy (Check out Zoe’s Blondie dress!)






My delicate little princess politely eating her hot dog



Of course, we can’t forget the furry kids. We also have SIX dogs between all of us when we go to the lake. These two are ours, Ally and Toby. (Rachel, this is our Shit Head Shih Tzu, Ally. She’s the no-headed fluffy thing from the beer photos.)




And just so no one thinks the lake is ALL fun and games, here’s Zoe “helping” Grampie file stuff.



5 thoughts on “Memorial Day weekend at the lake (with lots of kids)

  1. Some of my best memories involve growing up with the cousins. A big, happy family is the best gift you can give your children.

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