More awesome SNL videos

I mentioned a few weeks ago after the Angelina Jolie/ Madonna “Baby Off” parody that I am a pretty big fan of Saturday Night Live.

If you haven’t seen the SNL Digital Shorts with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, I highly recommend them. I still laugh my a** of every time I see them.

WARNING: These have explicit lyrics, so skip this part if that’s not your thing.

First, check out “D*ck in a Box.” This one is from 2006, and it actually won an Emmy (which is crazy, and makes it even funnier).

They followed up this past weekend with “Motherlover.” (And yes, Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson are playing the moms.) LOVE IT. Still laughing.


One thought on “More awesome SNL videos

  1. I didn’t see that AJ/Madonna face-off before. That was!!! Thanks for the first good laugh i’ve had in awhile!!!

    Oh wait, I did laugh pretty hard at motherlover Saturday night. So wrong. so so wrong.

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