Sick little Colin, future politician(?), and officially crawling

Colin has been sick for the past nine days or so: ear infection, severe congestion, cough, wheezing. We were at the pediatrician for it last Friday, and they put him back on his breathing treatments. He didn’t seem to get any better, so we went back to the doctor yesterday, and now he’s on an antibiotic AGAIN. Poor kid. He HATES taking medicine. I thought Zoe was bad at it as a baby, but Colin takes the cake. He’s spit more medicine in my face than I care to talk about. (BTW – Totally Toddler is a great stain remover. It removes many things, including pink antibiotic from carpet.) Adding to the fun, he will, of course, get diarrhea from the antibiotic. Good times.

I was really worried because he hasn’t been eating well. He was only taking 12 ounces of formula a day for several days. The past two days we got to 16 ounces. That’s still not great, but it’s a 33%  improvement. (I’m trying to look on the bright side here. Work with me.) I was concerned about dehydration, but the doc says he looks OK since he’s still drooling like a maniac.

Even when he’s sick, Colin is adorable. The doctor commented how Colin is one of the happiest sick kids he’s ever seen, and suggested that maybe he’ll be a politician one day because he’s such a charmer. Hmm. Is that good or bad?

And even though he’s sick, he has been honing his crawling skills. He is officially on the move, and he has officially discovered the dogs’ water bowl.


9 thoughts on “Sick little Colin, future politician(?), and officially crawling

  1. Poor guy. I hope he feels better soon! Great job on the crawling, Colin. Aiden’s favorite thing is the cat dish. In fact, since he only takes about 12-14 oz of formula a day, Aiden feels it’s necessary to get extra hydration from the cat’s water. Good times.

  2. awww poor guy. Has the doctor talked to you about allergies at all? His health issues remind me so much of my stepson when he was a baby and they continued until we were able ot determine the underlying cause and eliminate it. It made all the difference in the world.

    • You know, we haven’t talked about allergies, but we have talked about asthma. I will have to look into it. Also, I’m considering switching him to soy formula in case it’s a milk allergy.

  3. Hope he feels better soon. Turn the shower on with hot water full blast and when the room is nice and steamy sit in there with Colin for about 10 minutes or so. Then try feeding him, he might breath better and be able to eat more.

  4. My son had to take bunch of antibiotics too and had diarrhea because of them. Our doctor advised feeding the baby some baby yogurt with live bacteria like Yo-baby. Apparently, the live bacteria restores the stomach’s normal environment and helps prevent and treat diarrhea. The yogurt really did help up, maybe it will make Colin feel better too.

    • We give Zoe yogurt when she’s on antibiotics, but we hadn’t tried it with Colin yet. I’ll definitely have to give it a shot.

  5. Hope he feels better soon! Though that will probably make it harder to keep him out of the dog bowl. 🙂 Babies and dog bowls — fun times, fun times.

  6. Thanks for the stain remover tip! Also just some encouragement. Chloe was the sickest 6-9 month old ever, even in the hospital for a few days, constant ear infections, puking up everything she ate etc. Now she’s our healthiest kid! The other two always come down with the same stuff and she has the worlds best immune system, rarely gets sick. So hopefully he’ll grow out of it!

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