Weekend at the lake

A couple of weeks ago, we spent a weekend at the lake with some friends. It’s still too cold to swim and the boats aren’t even in the water yet, so we looked for stuff to do on land. The only land-based activity I have done at the lake involved the nearby outlet mall, so we weren’t really sure what to expect.  It actually turned out to be fun.


On Saturday the weather was beautiful and we went to a nearby Amish area. We took a buggy ride with a horse named Barney. I tried and failed to get a good picture of Noah and Zoe with Barney, but I still like this photo because it shows the size difference between Noah and Zoe. They look like they’re more than 10 months apart, don’t they?



Zoe looking fab in the limo (our triple stroller)



Riding the carousel at the Mercantile building




Colin having a good time playing back at the house





Sunday was cold and rainy, so we drove to a kids’ science museum about an hour away. Christian took all of these pictures, because Colin hit his noggin almost immediately after we got there. Christian stayed at the museum with Noah and Zoe and our friends, while Colin and I headed to the ER. (He was just fine by the way.)

It looks like they had fun though, right?






3 thoughts on “Weekend at the lake

  1. Looks like you guys managed to have fun even during this chilly crappy weather we are having. We will be heading down south by you guys later this month/early next for a visit to Riley Hospital with Ava. Maybe we could get together…

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