Playset pictures

We got a new playset for the kids a few weeks ago, and Noah and Zoe are loving it. Noah loves the slide and all of the climbing, a Zoe would be happy if she could just swing all day. We hooked up Colin’s baby swing so he can join in the fun too.

I took these pictures last week. It seems strange that they were wearing winter hats last week when it’s 80 degrees here today. If you look closely you’ll see a hazy spot at the bottom of many of these photos. I was REALLY bummed when I viewed them on my computer and realized that one of my little budding photographers had managed to secretly leave a giant smudged fingerprint on my lens. I cropped it out the best I could. Oh well. I’m sure we will spending lots of time out there from now on, and maybe I’ll have better luck next time.












Noah convinced Mimi to go down the slide with him. I love the look on her face!



6 thoughts on “Playset pictures

  1. Looks like fun! Just what we are doing around here – Outside as much as possible! And I really love that cherry hat – so cute. Your kids are all growing so fast!

  2. What playset did you end up getting? We are looking at them too but there are so many choices and we don’t want to spend 5K to get a decent one.

    • Ours was a Gorilla brand and we got it on I just looked though, and they don’t have it right now. It’s very similar to the Gorilla “Congo Excursion” that’s on the Costco website right now.

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