Playing outside

Noah got a new big-boy bike over the weekend. The kid is only three, but he’s already way too tall for his tricycle! We got him a Transformers bike, even though he’s probably never even heard of the Transformers, because it was on clearance. He has no idea that his daddy would have loved an Optimus Prime bike back in the day. Oh well, we made up for it with a Cars helmet. By the way, the helmet is for “Ages 5+.” The one that was for “Ages 3+” was way too small for his gigantic noggin.



And what would the first day on a new bike be without the first bike injury.



What do you mean I’m still too short for a big-girl bike?



Future NHL star:




The Big Red Car



Hitching a ride






3 thoughts on “Playing outside

  1. We need to get Jammer a trike this spring. What one do you have there and do you like it? I love the LL Bean one the most but I’m not spending that much for a toddler’s bike.

    • It’s a Radio Flyer that we got at either Target or Walmart. It wasn’t too expensive. The kids really liked it because it has a “trunk” in the back.

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