Belly Buttons

Kathy at Adopting Adam wrote a post about her son’s belly button as a connection to his birth mom. It was strange because I had been thinking about the very same thing recently.

Christian and I have talked a great deal about how we will handle conversations about birth families with Zoe and Colin. We have zero information about Zoe’s birth family. We don’t know anything about Colin’s birth father, but we know a lot about his birth mom and still have contact with her and her sister. We wonder if Zoe will feel cheated because she doesn’t have that same information. We try to maintain connections to her birth culture, but it’s not exactly a substitute.

So anyway, I was thinking that I would eventually tell them both (but especially Zoe) that if they wanted to think of their birth moms, they could touch their belly buttons and remember that they were connected to her. Does that make any sense, or is it lame?


7 thoughts on “Belly Buttons

  1. My sister always told my nephews that “that’s how you were connected to your momma!” They loved it when she said that. She would tickle their belly button and that would giggle. They would ask her to tell them about it often.

  2. OH I love it! I have the same thing with Catie. Sometimes (even though she is 15) I think that she has a hard time that her sisters have contact with their birth family and she does not. We have always prayed for her birth family and I tell her that we will see them in heaven!

  3. I don’t think it is lame at all. It is a great way to help the “where do babies come from” discussions. I will have to remember to use this birthmother connection idea too when Jammer is older.

  4. How very beautiful! I will share this with my son as well. What an easy way to bring home the point of where one comes from. Again, I love it!

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