Am I just being a pushy mom?

I need your opinions.

Colin has been sick for what seems like forever. He had an ear infection in January that was treated with Amoxicillin. On February 9th we went to the doctor and he had RSV and infection in both ears. He had breathing treatments for the RSV, which is better now. He had a round of Augmentin for the ear infection. We went back on February 24th, and both ears were still infected, but our doctor wanted to wait a few days before putting him on another round of antibiotics. We went back last Friday (the 27th) and they were still infected, so they put him on Augmentin again. We were told to come back in 10-14 days to have him checked again. If his ears weren’t better by then, we would be referred to an ENT and Colin might have to have tubes in his ears.

So, now he’s been on this round of antibiotic for four days, and he is miserable. He is fussier than he has been the entire time he’s been sick. He is pulling at his right ear and scratching his head, which he has not really done the entire time his ears have been infected. The worst part, however, is that the antibiotic is giving him terrible diarrhea. He has had 2-3 blow outs each day that require complete outfit changes, plus several other smaller diarrhea diapers. He cries when you wipe his bottom because it is so raw. What most concerns me is that he has only gained a few ounces in the last two months, and he has fallen down on the growth charts. He’s not a great eater to start with and he’s really not eating well because he doesn’t feel well, and then the diarrhea further compounds the weight-gain problem.

Here’s the question: I’m supposed to give him the antibiotic for 10 days and then have him checked again. What I want to do is stop the antibiotic today and make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow (I’m working today) and insist on the the ENT referral. Is that being too pushy? Should I just be patient, continue the antibiotic, and have him checked next week, even though it’s making him miserable?

I’m certainly not anxious for Colin to have a surgery, but I feel like that’s where we’re headed anyway. I’ve heard the that tubes are no big deal. Does anyone have experience with this?


20 thoughts on “Am I just being a pushy mom?

  1. Hello! I have no experience with tubes personally. But I know my nephew got them done right before he turned 3 . He was up playing the next day. And back to normal. It was difficult when he would be at my house swimming you had to have really good ear plugs and he had to leave them alone. But Colin is still just a baby so that’s not a concern.

    Joey has had ear infections since then still. Not as many. So it did not cure it.

    I would want to take him to the ENT and its not pushy. You’re just being a MOM.

    Jacob & I have both been sick alot too. Well this weekend after being locked in our castle for 3 weeks sick we went out and about. He played with his cousins and all that. Now we got a call that his 1 cousin has strep throat… Guess who woke up very horse sounding today…Jacob

    So now do I call the doctor or am I being peraniod.
    Its rough being a mom… Hang in there~
    You’re doing a good job…. its just a rough season

  2. Tracy,

    When Maura was about 2-1/2 she had a horrible year, sickness after sickness after sickness and we could not figure out what the problem was. At one point we took her to an urgent care facility and the Dr. asked if we had any pets-and at the time we had a cat (we had had cats since before she was born). He told me to get rid of it (it sounds heartless I know-but we had only had this cat about 6 months)-we got rid of the cat and all the sickness went away, and she has been a really healthy kid ever since.

    I wonder if there could be a pet allergy at work here.
    Just a thought. You are in my prayers.


  3. Yes, my sister has experience with this and just recently helped a friend of mine and her son too. Most dr.’s try to make you wait through minimum 3 ear infections before they refer you to an ENT. Don’t wait. Insist on a ENT referral NOW. They HAVE to give it to you. ENT’s have instruments pediatricians don’t have for examining fluid in the ears. If your son need tubes, better sooner than later. Why should your child suffer so? And that diarrhea sounds bad enough to count as an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. My sister’s biggest regret was waiting too long. Make it happen, now. Better to trust your instincts and be assertive for your child. Hope he feels better soon.

  4. You are Colin’s only advacate!! So it is NOT pushy at all if you go to the doc and say you want the referal NOW!!! You know what is best for Colin.

  5. Two of my kids had tubes; it put an end to that awful ear infection cycle for both of them. The worst part was sitting in the waiting room while they were in surgery – it was all downhill from there. There is a big difference between pushy and proactive. Demanding tubes after a single ear infection would be pushy – addressing Colin’s feeding issues, your concern about his weight and the fact that diminished hearing now will seriously affect the development of his speech is proactive. IMHO

  6. I am with Leah. You know your child better than anyone, and if he is not getting better and is miserable, it’s completely within your rights to tell them you want a referral now. Even if they don’t do the tubes, you’d at least be seeing someone new. I mean, you doc did the best he could and it’s not working for Colin in this case, so let someone else try.
    I also know that the “check back in 10 days” is a standard line and they don’t actually mind if you call sooner if things aren’t getting better.

  7. ok, I am not a doctor AT ALL, nor am I a mom, so take this for what it’s worth – very little. however, my FIL is a clinical microbiologist and is (frankly) very obsessed with this sort of thing, so I feel like I know more than I should about antibiotics.

    well, first, I agree with everyone who says you’re his very best advocate. to that end, I say, go nuts – advocate away – it is not a terrible thing to be pushy.

    That being said – amoxicillin and augmentin are essentially the SAME antibiotic. So he took something for an ear infection, it didn’t work, and they augmented it (so to speak) with essentially the SAME ANTIBIOTIC. Which doesn’t make much sense.

    A few years ago, I (at the ripe age of 28) had an ear infection and “they” (doctors) said the same thing – try a z-pack (which is different), then try augmentin, if it doesn’t work, get tubes. Yeah, seriously. At 28. Anyway, I ended up creating a superbug. If the infection isn’t sensitive to the antibiotic, taking MORE of the antibiotic will simply create an insane bug.

    So anyway, before making a surgical decision, I’d strongly suggest getting a second (different) type of antibiotic to see if that helps.

    Sorry this is so long!

  8. wait, I didn’t mean you WOULD be pushy. I am so sorry. I was rushing to write that and I totally didn’t realize what it said. It is not pushy to ask for a different antibiotic or to see the ENT, who would most likely prescribe a different antibiotic. It is simply being a good advocate and a good mom.

    OK, pull foot out of stomach now…wow, am I so sorry.

  9. You are NOT being pushy. You are the mom. This is your kid. Do what you know is right for him. Chronic ear infections are nothing to screw around with. My mom believes that’s why I’m hearing impaired. She thinks I could hear fine when I was a baby and toddler and the Dr. wouldn’t listen to her. She switched doctors and I wound up in the hospital. I’m deaf in one hear and hearing impaired in the other. Not trying to scare you- I hope you don’t take it that way! I’m just sayin’…

  10. Me again… My pediatrician usually says to check back in 10 days UNLESS I notice it’s not improving or is getting worse. So, I agree with Char- I don’t think they mind if you call back before the 10 days, especially if you notice he’s worse- like with the tugging on his ear. Poor baby. He must be miserable. Hope you get some answers soon. Hang in there.

  11. my take: augmentin causes yeast – he probably has a yeast infection NOT diaper rash. Change anti biotics and get him on diflucan or nystatin. Literally bring these up to your doc. Call tomorrow am. Discontinue augmentin NOW.

    Thats #1.

    #2. B4 TUBES I would wait a while. Like lulu had THREE ear infections and now she is fine…. so…. i would wait a while, not to mention I KNOW SOMEONE who was threatened – their kid with surgery – the mom pulled ALL DAIRY out of the kids diet, went back to discuss tubes, and the doc said they didnt need them. therfore, if i was threatened with tubes? I would remove all dairy

    #3 Follow your instincts, you know your baby best.

    #4 good luck, sweetie!!!! I am rooting for you guys! sorry i dont comment more!!!!!!

  12. You know Colin best and are his only advocate right now. Do what you think is best and don’t worry about being pushy.

    I also wonder about the yeast infection. I don’t think it would hurt to try nystatin cream on it. Aiden’s looked horrible (raw and almost like blisters) and got so much better in just 2 days on the cream.

  13. Hmmm, I was about to suggest the remove all dairy(and by that I mean ALL, and then I saw Mer said that, oh well I’ll say it anyway…
    With both of our boy’s(Lion-boy and King) we had CRAZY ear infections, I can even remember how many Lkion-boy had last year… like 5 in 7 months, and at least one that he could just not shake, we were at the point of doing tubes, had been to the ENT and needed to schedule surgery, and I just could not bring myself to do it…
    We cut our ALL DAIRY(used rice milk or almond milk b/c of the estrogen and allergen issues with soy…)and for us, it was a miracle sure. We did no dairy at all for about 6 months and then we slowly started adding back in yogurt and now he is back on dairy and doing fine, as in he hasn’t really been sick at all this winter…
    I agree with everyone else, you are his BEST advocate, and follow your instincts…
    (sorry so long)

  14. Go to the ENT. I promise you and Colin will be happier.

    Both my kids have had tubes and life is sure better now that they aren’t in pain or trying out meds all the time.

  15. Please don’t stop the antibiotic – it’s never good to stop mid-course, can cause resistance to future antibiotic treatments.

    When our son was on Augmentin he also got a yeast infection and we put him on a anti-fungal cream. I assume you’ve already tried feeding him prior to giving antibiotic – number one side effect of antibiotics is nausea and vomiting as well as diarrhea.

    See the ENT – but won’t help you with this short term problem. Good luck.

  16. Tori has ear tubes. They are not a big deal at all and they took about 15 minutes to put in. She wears ear plugs in water and other than that we don’t do a thing.

    I would not stop the antibiotic but I would call at the very least and tell them about the diarrhea and see if there is anything else he can have instead.

  17. I don’t think you’re being pushy either. This is almost exactly what we dealt with a year ago with Jocelyn. I got fed up with the antibiotics–she was becoming resistent to some and her ear infections never went away. They tried stronger and stronger ones too. I finally put my foot down, called around to different ENTs and found one that would take her, and then called the ped and asked for a referral. She got tubes in last year and rarely gets sick now.

    The only thing I wish they would have done first? We found out J has 9 food allergies, including dairy (which is a huge cause of respiratory symptoms)–I wish they would have tested her for allergies before the tubes because maybe we could have skipped the tubes.

    And the tube surgery is no big deal–J was up and about a couple hours later. 🙂

  18. Jammer is resistant to Amoxicilian so both times he’s had bad infections, we’ve had to switch to Augmentin to clear it up. Thankfully for us, he hasn’t had that many instances of this.

    He does get the bad diarrhea and the rash and we use Lotrimin cream and it helps a ton.

    The great thing to help prevent that problem when the kid is on the meds is Lactinex. It is a granular thing that is non prescription but is behind the pharmacy counter. Not every pharmacy carries it. It stops the diahhrea in it’s tracks and lets your kids continue on the meds without the nasty effects. It isn’t cheap but it is worth it. I have many friends that swear by it. Call around and find out where you can get it in your area. I did and the next time Jammer is on the Augmentin, we will start it immediately and I’m betting we’ll have a much easier time. Good luck.

  19. Had to say something regarding something one of your other commenters posted. Augmentin and Amoxicillin ARE NOT THE SAME. Augmentin is a combination of Amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid. Clavulanic acid is a beta-lactamase inhibitor. Some bacteria have developed resistance to Amoxicillin by secreting beta-lactamase that inactivates the Amoxicillin… making the Amoxicillin NOT WORK. The Clavulanic acid in the Augmentin inhibits the beta-lactamase (aka tough bacteria’s super dooper weapon) to allow the Amoxicillin to work like it’s supposed to.

    Okay, I’ll go back to giving a bottles and changing dipers now.

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