Noah’s 3rd birthday

We had a party at McDonald’s a few weeks ago for Noah’s 3rd birthday.


His Cars cake (Store-bought, not homemade. If you know me in real life, you might know how funny it is that anyone would ask me if I made it):



Daddy and Colin:



Aunt Leah, Grampie, Mimi, Hudson, and Colin:



Cousin Lila:



Noah opening presents with Zoe and his friend Jasmine:



The train puzzle was a hit.



Zoe had a great time at the Play Place.




The birthday boy:



7 thoughts on “Noah’s 3rd birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Noah! I love the excitement on his face as he is opening the train puzzle. It’s priceless.
    Baby Lila is precious too, sooo tiny!
    Your pictures are all great. I want my hair cut like Zoe, I’m serious. She is super stylish.

  2. Happy b-day Noah. Love the cars cake…. I think Jacobs next birthday will be cars. Never know they change their minds so much on what they like daily

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