Zoe’s 2-year update

Zoe’s 2nd birthday was in November, but we didn’t go for her 2-year-old doctor’s appointment until January. Since Noah’s birthday is in January, I try to take them both at the same time. It also happened to be time for Colin’s 6-month appointment, so it was a busy visit to the doctor. When I made the appointment a couple of months ago, the scheduler said, “Hmm. Maybe I should just block out the whole morning for you.”

Anyway, at two-years (actually at 26-months), Zoe is 33 inches tall (10-25th percentile) and weighs 23 lbs, 11.5 oz (5-10th percentile). She is a peanut. She wears mostly 18-month clothes, though she can wear bigger tops. I have completely given up on finding a pair of jeans to fit her. They all just fall off of her waist, and the crotch is down to her knees if they are the right in length. I found stretchy yoga pants at Wal-Mart and Target, and that’s what she wears everyday. She seriously has four pair of grey and four pairs of black, and she wears them ALL THE TIME.

We are working on potty training, but we’re not quite there yet. She thinks it’s fun, so she says she needs to potty when she really doesn’t. She loves to go in the bathroom by herself, take off her pants, and rip off her diaper twelve times a day, which is not fun for me since she can’t get it all back on by herself. We thought pull-ups might make things easier, but they just made things messier. They are not very absorbent, and most of the time when she actually does have to go, she just goes in her diaper and it leaks everywhere. When she does go in the potty, she gets so excited about it that she jumps up before she’s finished and ends up peeing on the floor. The other day she jumped up and exclaimed, “I POOP!” but when she turned around, there was still a turd stuck to her butt. It’s funny how enthusiastic she is about it. Today she was in the bathroom with me while I was peeing and she yelled, “Yeah! Mommy peed! Good job, Mommy!”

I couldn’t even guess how many words she says now and she speaks in short sentences. Her favorite word is “mine” and he favorite sentence is “I do it.” Since my mom showed her a short video of a monkey making armpit noises (I think it was an e-card), her next favorite thing to say is “Monkey toot arm.” For a while her favorite thing to say was, “Hush!” as she pointed her finger at me. Christian thought “hush” was a much better thing to say to our annoying barking dogs than “shut up,” but it may as well have been the same thing once Zoe embraced it and added some attitude to it. I was not a fan of that little phase.

She’s fascinated by the moon. As soon as she sees it, she yells, “MOON! DA MOON! MOON!” As we drive, she also has to point out every airplane, bird, duck, school bus, gas station, and car wash she sees. She also has a thing for “ing” verbs, and has a very Forrest Gump style of pronouncing them: “run-NING”, “danc-ING”, “spin-NING”, etc.

I talk a lot about how disgusting she is, and it is absolutely true, but I am trying to think of it as her “creative” side. For example, who else would eat her hotdogs or pickles from the middle first? That just means she can “think outside the box,” right? And being messy comes along with being “creative,” yes? She loves to do art projects at school. She comes home with a stack of completed masterpieces, and with paint in her hair, on her clothes, on her shoes, under her nails, etc.

She’s loud. Not only does she talk loud, but she has this SHRIEK that is in a pitch so high it makes my skull hurt. At a conference with her teacher last week, Ms. Judy said, “She may just be one of those kids who doesn’t have a quiet voice.”

She’s one tough cookie. When she gets hurt, she usually doesn’t cry unless it’s a serious injury. When she falls, she gets right back up. Sometimes she sticks her bottom lip out for a minute, but she recovers pretty quickly. At Noah’s birthday party, she shut her fingers in a door and barely complained about it. I was shocked a few minutes later when I saw that she had some blood around her cuticles.

She loves music and dancing. When she sees dancing on Yo Gabba Gabba, she tries to imitate the moves. She shakes her hand and pretends to snap her fingers to the beat.

She’s also incredibly sweet. She loves her baby dolls. She calls one of her babies “Jack Jack,” after the baby in The Incredibles. She gets down on the floor with Colin and makes faces at him or tickles him to make him laugh. When she gives me kisses, she puts one hand on each of my cheeks and pulls my face to hers, and it makes my heart melt.

But don’t let the sweetness fool you. Above all, she is a force to be reckoned with.


2 thoughts on “Zoe’s 2-year update

  1. Taylor is the exact same size as Zoe. Funny! I almost gave up on the jeans too, then I started shopping at 2nd hand stores. I found the cutest little gap jeans size 2 years. AND they have adjustable waist. They fit her perfectly. Also she has 24 mos childrens place. Chloe wore them for about 6 mos and they shrunk alot, now Taylor fits them. They also have adjustable waist. So if you look at 2nd hand stores you may have some luck, some that are shrunk up just right!

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