Well this is just crap-tastic…

Both of Zoe’s ears are infected now, though the wheezing in her chest is gone.

Colin now has wheezing in his chest, and an infection in one ear. He also threw up twice today. I’m hoping it was because he was coughing  so hard and not because he has yet another illness.

Noah seems to be fairly healthy – just a small cough. If he were going to get sick, he would have gotten sick by now, right? RIGHT!?


8 thoughts on “Well this is just crap-tastic…

  1. OH NO! I’m so sorry. Let’s hope this is the end of it for the next couple of years! Take care of yoursef, they need their mom to dote on them while lthey are sick 🙂

  2. The name of your blog post caught my eye. So sorry about the RSV and pinkeye.
    The husband and I had pinkeye within the last week or two, among other things.
    A friend’s husband had it too.
    Fun season we’re having here. Hoping you’re all well soon.

  3. Oh MY….I am trying to catch up on the blogs right now. And wow, I am so sorry!!!!! I hope everyone starts to get better asap.

    Hang in there! And GOOD LUCK!

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