Pink eye and RSV…making the rounds

I thought I’d let everyone know we’re still alive and doing our best to get through this. Here’s the latest.


Pink eye:

Noah, Zoe, and Colin have all had pink eye now, each in one eye. Our doctor told us to go ahead and use the drops in both eyes for all of them, so maybe we can prevent it from spreading. Noah and Colin are fairly cooperative with the drops (two drops in each eye, four times a day), but it’s almost impossible to give them to Zoe. She fights it with every ounce of her little 23-pound body. Christian has found that the best technique is to basically sit on top of her and pin her head between his knees. She may be small, but she’s mighty.

Christian and I are also using drops and so far, so good.



Zoe sounds terrible. It’s awful listening to her at night over the monitor. She coughs so hard she gags. She doesn’t seem to be getting any worse though, so that’s a positive.

Noah has a bit of a cough, but generally seems OK.

Colin developed a juicy cough today, and that has me concerned. So far it’s not too bad, but we’ll see what happens in the next couple of days.

Christian and I both just feel weird, achy, and spacey. I guess the weird and spacey wouldn’t be so bad, but the achy kind of sucks.


Calling my kids’ preschool to tell them we may have infected everyone else’s kids with pink eye and RSV in the same week:

Not. fun. Maybe if we’re lucky we can call them next week to say we gave everyone lice, too.


5 thoughts on “Pink eye and RSV…making the rounds

  1. It will get better. At least you are calling the daycare. When I worked at one last year my son got pink eye, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, and Rosella from there, parents would still send there kids in with the stuff and the director let them! I quite that nasty place.

  2. At least you’re keeping them home. When I taught in a daycare we had one mom who was notorious for infecting the place with stuff. If she brought her daughter in sleeping we knew she was sick with something contagious.

    Hope everyone feels better soon & you & hubby stay well.

  3. Good thinking using the drops on yourselves, too. Ash, Ava, and I all had pink eye in both eyes at the same time last year. At least we told the church we wouldn’t be able to work in the nursery that Sunday!

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