Colin’s baptism

Colin was baptised on January 25th in the chapel of the Home where I work. My cousin Shannon is his Godmother and Christian’s brother Kurt is his Godfather.

He was baptised by Father Adrian, who also baptised Noah and Zoe. Father Adrian is pretty traditional, so he likes to do full immersion baptisms rather than just pouring water on the baby’s head. Father is 92-years-old and a bit frail. We were a little worried at Noah’s baptism, when Father was *only* 89, that he would have a hard time picking Noah up and dipping him in the water, so we were understandably concerned about his ability to do the same with Colin almost three years later. We even joked that my step-dad should stand up there and be a spotter. Luckily things went pretty smoothly. And, most importantly, Colin didn’t pee on me like Noah did at his baptism

Father Adrian also requests that babies wear a full length baptismal gown. I would have preferred that Noah and Colin were able to wear a little tux or suit since the gown is kind of girly, but I thought it best not to argue with a priest. Noah, Zoe, and Colin all wore the same gown, and we used the unity candle from our wedding at each of their baptisms.







3 thoughts on “Colin’s baptism

  1. So what I hear you saying is, you won’t be able to have any more kids b/c Father won’t be able to baptize many more! :)I think it’s great they all got to wear the same gown and use the candle. Great memories!

  2. These will always be precious family memories. Wouldn’t it be great if each of em could use the gown for all of their kids’ baptisms.

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