Tet celebration

Last weekend we went to a Tet celebration sponsored by our local Vietnamese American Community organization. Tet is the Vietnamese new year, based on the lunar calendar.

Noah and Zoe weren’t sure what to think of the Dragon Dance. I think they were a little scared, but curiosity took over. I didn’t get a great picture, so I borrowed this one from Kelli’s blog. Zoe talked about the “dragon head”  and the “dragon dancing” for a several days afterward.



We had some yummy Vietnamese food, including spring rolls. Of course my little princess couldn’t eat the spring roll like a normal person. She had to completely rip it apart. Mimi tried to minimize the damage, but we still ended up with rice noodles and peanut sauce everywhere. (Note the package of wipes in the front left corner of the picture. We go through a lot of those.)



Zoe normally has some mad dance skills, but she was feeling a little shy. Mostly she just enjoyed playing with her red balloon.



Noah watched from the sidelines. This isn’t the greatest picture of him, but I’m just amazed at what a little boy he looks like in it. No more baby here!



Chúc mừng năm mới! (Happy New Year!)


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