Heard in the bathtub…

Noah and Zoe were in the tub together the other night when Zoe started saying, “Paper. Paper.”

She was pointing to the toilet paper. Since I had just used some to wipe her nose, I said, “We already wiped your nose, Honey. You don’t need any more paper.”

She insisted, “Paper. Paper!”

It dawned on me. I said, “Zoe, did you just pee?”


In my most stern-mommy-voice, I said, “Zoe, we DO NOT pee in the bath tub. That is a no no.”

Then Noah said, “But I did it too, Mommy.”


I said again in my most stern-mommy-voice that we do not pee in the bathtub. We only pee in the potty.

Then I left the room so they wouldn’t see me laughing my a** off.




8 thoughts on “Heard in the bathtub…

  1. Ok, yuck! 🙂 I never know whether to empty out all the water or just tough it out when that happens, though I’ve never had a “double pee” (that I know of..!) I think I’d have to start over if I knew of one. Life with toddlers, so, so fun.

  2. I had to snatch my girls out of the tub once when one was trying to catch the “fishy” that the other had so generously provided. Never a dull moment, right?

  3. snort. paper. hmm, seems she might not need the paper anymore!! Silly girl! That’s hilarious! Oddly my kids have a total aversion to peeing in the tub which i find totally annoying! Wanna trade for a day?!

  4. I would say “yuck”, but I was showering with my son this morning and I can’t even tell you how badly I needed to pee. The only thing stopping me was the fact that his little face was just looking up at me–almost pleading. After I gagged through changing to near-blow out diapers I am thinking I got tricked.

    PS–Would you mind sharing the password? One or two posts I might have made it without, but more? What do you think I do once I get Duc to bed…clean? Nope!

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