The other DNA tests

Before we had Colin’s DNA tested, we didn’t know that tests to determine race and ancestry existed. Obviously I knew DNA testing was used in criminal investigations, in medicine, and in paternity tests (I once saw a billboard for “1-800-R-U-MY-DAD”). I knew that DNA testing to identify identical twins could be done, because I read the blogs of two families who each adopted a twin boy from Vietnam (they still do not know why the boys were placed separately, and they work hard to maintain a relationship between the boys even though they live across the country from each other). Finally, I also knew that a DNA test could determine the sex of a baby way before an ultrasound can (I knew Noah was a boy when I was only ten weeks pregnant).

While I was researching I found out about a lot of other uses for DNA testing that I hadn’t considered before. Tests that were interesting to me as an adoptive mom included maternity testing and sibling/ half-sibling testing. These things will probably never come up for Zoe or Colin, but it’s great to know they are out there.

Then I came across some things of which I would have been perfectly happy to remain unaware. Did you know that if you think your spouse is cheating, you can mail his or her underwear in to a company that will test for DNA that is not your’s or your spouse’s? It is a sick, sick world.


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