DNA testing for race and ancestry-Christian

After DNA tests for ancestry, I posted Zoe’s results and my results last week, and we posted Colin’s results a few months ago. Finally, here are Christian’s results:

Christian doesn’t know what the hell he is either!


This was really surprising to us, because we thought Christian’s results would be straight Western European. He knows quite a bit more about his ancestry than I do. He’s mostly French and German. His paternal grandfather had even specifically traced his roots back to Alsace-Lorraine. It turns out, however, that Christian’s roots are a little more diverse than he thought.

Native Population Match Results

These are matches with populations that have experienced minimal movement and admixture in the last 500 years. These results most likely reflect “deep ancestral origins.” Christian’s Native Population Results say he matches (from highest probability to lowest):

  1. Calabria, Italy
  2. Istanbul, Turkey
  3. Turkey
  4. Bosnian Mountain Villages
  5. Turkey
  6. Serbia and Montenegro
  7. Albanian (Kosovo, Albania)
  8. Turkey
  9. Syria
  10. Norway
  11. Turkey
  12. Aegean Region, Turkey
  13. Western Mediterranean Regio, Turkey
  14. Italy
  15. Mrache, Italy
  16. United Arab Emirates
  17. Norway
  18. Flemish
  19. Netherlands
  20. Southern Croatia

Weird, huh!?

Global Population Match Results

These are matches in a database of native populations, as well as Diaspora groups that expanded from their homelands in recent history and sometimes mixed with other populations. These are supposed to be a person’s “…closest genetic relatives today and peoples whose blend of geographic ancestry is most similar…” Here are Christian’s matches:

  1. Calabria, Italy
  2. Istanbul, Turkey
  3. Turkey
  4. Brazil
  5. Bosnian Mountain Villages
  6. Turkey
  7. Serbia and Montenegro
  8. Albanian (Kosovo, Albania)
  9. Caucasian (Maine, USA)
  10. Turkey
  11. Israel
  12. Syria
  13. East Indian (Canada)
  14. Norway
  15. Turkey
  16. Aegean Region, Turkey
  17. Western Mediterranean Region, Turkey
  18. Italy
  19. Marche, Italy
  20. United Arab Emirates

Global Population Match Results

This is supposed to be the most comprehensive part of the analysis, giving a more general view of genetic ancestry among the major world regions. Instead of a ranking of most statistically similar to least, the first match in this set of results indicates the primary geographic affiliation. Subsequent scores indicate secondary regions where the “blend of ancestry is present and /or possible sources of admixture.” These are Christian’s results:

  1. Aegean
  2. Mesopotamian
  3. Northwest European
  4. Levantine
  5. North India


While Christian’s ancestry over the last several hundred years may have been German and French, his DNA goes much deeper than that. This whole thing has really made me think more about world history and how populations migrate according to trade routes, wars, etc. And, if you believe in evolution (as I do), we are all descended from one common ancestor in eastern Africa anyway (Google “Lucy” and the “First Family” or check out this Wikipedia link).

The whole thing fascinates me. You could get really carried away with it, because now our parents are interested in doing it. I even found out that they can extract the DNA from your deceased relative’s licked postage stamp. I imagine we will probably stop here, but I wonder how far back we could take it!


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