Christmas in pictures (photo heavy)

We spent Christmas Eve at Christian’s parents’ house. Noah and Zoe had a great time playing with their cousin Hudson.



Cousin Lila is only 3-weeks-old. Zoe did her best to be gentle and gave Lila kisses on the head.



We stayed past bedtime, so we changed into jammies for the ride home. Zoe gets a little crazy when she’s tired. We busted her taking ornaments off of Mimi and Grampie’s tree, and having a great time doing it.



I got some quailty cuddle time with Colin.



Christmas morning we opened presents at our house.



“Ooh. This one’s for both of us. Let’s open it together.”



“Cool! Mom and Dad got us a harmonica and a recorder. Maybe we can start a band!”



Daddy helped Colin open his Christmas presents.



Zoe decided to be a good big sister and help Colin open gifts too.



“Mmm. Toys are yummy.”



“My new dolls are pretty, but really I just want to stick their hair up my nose.”



Noah shows off his new “Cars” collection.



For some reason, Zoe was really excited about the bloomers that came with her two new dresses. As soon as she saw them, she took off her pants and her diaper (yes, right in the middle of the living room), and started trying to put the bloomers on. I think she thought they were underwear, since Noah has been wearing “big boy pants” lately.



Noah got a new camera, so now he can take pictures like Mom.



Still working on the bloomers!



Got ’em!



Random Colin cuteness.



The dogs decided they needed to oversee the unwrapping of the presents. Toby said, “Is there any food in there?”



Ally said, “Whatever. I’m just going to stay here under the tree. Don’t bug me.”



We spent the rest of the morning playing with all the new stuff. Mimi and Grampie got scooters for Noah and Zoe, but Christian and Colin like them too.



Christmas night we went to my parents’ house. Noah got a new saw and safety goggles. He wore the safety goggles while he opened the rest of his presents, and even used the saw to open the box to his new Lightning McQueen laptop.



Cousin Olivia helped Zoe open presents.



At the end of the night, Grandma, Zoe, and cousin Michael performed the show they have been practicing. (Noah did not want to participate.) They wore their antlers, shook bells, and danced to “Jingle Bell Rock.” (I don’t know what kind of twisted Christmas fantasy my mom was trying to fulfill, but she has been working on this with them for A WHILE. This is what they’ve been doing most days when I pick them up the last month. Poor kids.)



3 thoughts on “Christmas in pictures (photo heavy)

  1. Such a happy family! It looks like your Christmas was perfect. I also love the pictures of Aiden and Colin together. Very sweet.

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