Colin’s 4-month update

Colin had his four-month doctor visit last week. He is 25 inches long (25th-50th percentile) and 15 lbs, 10 oz (50th-75th percentile). The doctor said he looks terrific!

He eats five times a day (25-30 ounces total) and takes three naps. He is sleeping through the night now, which makes life wonderful. Seriously. It’s wonderful. Sometimes he fusses at night, but he usually goes back to sleep on his own. If someone had asked me how things were going a couple of months ago, I might have burst into tears. Now that we’re all getting a little more sleep, things are SO MUCH BETTER. It’s still exhausting, but much more manageable now. I feel like an actual functioning human being – a busy one, but a functioning one.

He rolled over once. Well, he must have rolled over, but I missed it. I put him down on his belly so that I could wipe Zoe’s nose. I turned around and he was on his back. We need to do more tummy time, but sometimes I’m afraid Zoe’s going to kill him. Noah is pretty gentle, but Zoe has yet to figure out that concept. I probably just need to relax, because he seems like a tough little guy. When Zoe puts all of her weight on his belly to give him a “hug,” he laughs.  

In fact, he is usually laughing. Colin is such a happy baby. Noah was a happy baby once we got his stomach issues worked out, and Zoe was a pretty happy baby too, but this kid is HAPPY. He has periods of fussiness, but he can be distracted pretty easily. For example, these three photos were probably taken within 30 seconds of each other:

“Wah! I’m not getting enough attention.”



“OK, there’s Mom. I’m happy now.”



“Ooh. Mommy’s toes are interesting…”



And a bonus picture of my happy guy:



11 thoughts on “Colin’s 4-month update

  1. What a cutie-really he’s adorable. I’m so out of touch with the size kids are “supposed” to be. Colin is 4 months old and roughly in the 50th percentile, just about as normal as you can get. His size is what Binh was when we brought him home at 1 year old. My son was the size of a 4 month old! No wonder I think other kids are so big!

  2. Does anyone ever tell you that the boys look a lot alike? Seriously, their faces look so similar to me. Both are absolutely darling (as is Zoe) and I love all the smiley photos!

  3. Tracy he is adorable !We miss him and noah and zoe so much!!!!have a happy thanksgiving and we wish we were there !!!!hugs and kisses to all!!!!We miss you all!Lots of love!

  4. What a little doll Colin is! Seriously, he should wear that Adorable sleeper all the time. I’m so glad you’re finally getting some sleep. Congratulations, you’ve gotten through the worst part until Noah starts to drive.

  5. He is just adorable!!!

    Do you happen to have the address to send reports to in Phu Tho? I finally found a Vietnamese translator–go figure, my husband works with someone who is bilingual in English and Vietnamese! So, now I can send them straight to Vietnam.

    Is there anything we need to do with it–make extra copies, notarize it, or just send a copy of the english and a copy of the vietnamese plus pictures? Thanks!!

  6. The toe fascination, how cute is that! He is truly adorable. I’m glad he’s doing so well. I can’t believe it’s been almost five months!

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