Zoe’s 2nd Birthday

Today was Zoe’s 2nd birthday. We had her party at Chuck E. Cheese’s yesterday. I thought we could have a nice little low-key party and I wouldn’t have to clean my house before and after. Sounds great, right? Well, it turns out Mr. Cheese is running a scam. Guess what crappy pizza, sodas, salad, and tokens cost for 12 adults and a handful of kids? $224! SAY WHAT!? I really had no idea The Mouse was so expensive. Not that my little princess isn’t worth it, but seriously! And that’s for a 2-year-old’s birthday. We better be careful because at this rate she’s going to expect one of those half-million-dollar MTV My Super Sweet 16  parties or something. And I don’t even want to think about her wedding…

Anyway, we had a good time, and I got lots of pictures!


“Mommy and Daddy said the pony isn’t in the budget until my 3rd birthday, so I’ll just have to settle for this ride for now.”



“I like this bowling game, but this ball is really heavy!”






“I wish for yummy cake and more game tokens!”



“I take my cake very seriously.”



“Hmm. I wonder if Mommy’s cake tastes better than mine. She’s busy taking pictures, so she won’t notice if I just try a bite.”



Noah had a direct line to Chuck E. Cheese and he tried to get us a discount on the pizza, but Mr. Cheese refused.



“I tried, Mom. No luck. I’m just going to go back to playing games.”



Grandma and Colin



Grandpa and cousin Will



Cousins Madison and Olivia



Madison and Colin



Zoe playing with her new baby and bassinet once we got home (while wearing her birthday princess crown)



Noah pushing Mr. Incredible in Zoe’s new stroller



Noah just being Noah



And one last picture of the birthday girl



10 thoughts on “Zoe’s 2nd Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Zoe! Wow, I didn’t know the Cheese was so expensive. Looks like you all had a good time, though. The pics are really cute.

  2. Happy birthday Miss Grown Up Zoe! I think every parent in the country has gotten sucked into the Chuckster’s evil birthday plot at least once. The good part is you didn’t have to clean up…and the kids look like they were having a blast.

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