Noah and Zoe’s school pictures

We got Noah and Zoe’s school pictures back this week. Last year I complained about how expensive the school photos were, but said, “I had to buy SOME since it is his FIRST school photo, and of course the photographer knows this. I bet the younger the child, the more dollar signs they see plastered across the parents’ foreheads as they walk in.” 

Well, it turns out that’s not exactly accurate. They actually base the number of dollar signs plastered across the parents’ foreheads on the number of children those parents have attending the school. They took pictures of Noah, pictures of Zoe, and then they pulled a dirty trick and took some of them TOGETHER. I must have looked like this: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Anyway, they’re cute, even though Zoe is going through a SERIOUS “I’m not going to smile for the camera phase.”





9 thoughts on “Noah and Zoe’s school pictures

  1. Oh my goodness! Too cute! They must have remembered that we didn’t buy photos last year – I don’t think they had any with my two in the pictures….

  2. You’re probably right about the photographers’ master plan to suck up all your $$$, but at least they’re using good ransom. These pictures are just too cute!

  3. So adorable. I just fell for it too. They had my two standing together, holding hands with Jonathan’s other arm around Christine. HOW did they make that happen? Why as parents do we continue to fall for this?

  4. They are so cute….I think you have a mini Christian in the first photo of Noah and when did Zoe grow up? She looks like a little lady, not the baby I remember. Miss you.

  5. They know how to get ya! i love the picture of the 2 of them. Zoe may not be smiling but is still adorable…and all grown up. She definitely looks like an almost 2 year old!

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