Oh, NOW he wants to wear a costume

I had JUST posted that Noah wouldn’t wear his Thomas the Train costume on Halloween when he came out of the play room asking for help putting this on:


We’ve had this costume for a while. Noah’s cousin Michael gave it to him last spring when he outgrew it. Since Noah had become such a big fan of Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story we thought he would love it, but he just wasn’t into it. He put the glasses on once in a while, but that was it. This costume has just been crumpled up in the dress-up bin in the play room for months.

Before Halloween we tried to convince Noah that this was a great costume, but he INSISTED that he wanted to be Thomas the Train. He picked his Thomas the Train costume out of a catalog, and promised he would wear it. So now, after I searched for a Thomas the Train costume on eBay that Noah only wore for 30 seconds, and now that Halloween has come and gone, NOW he wants to dress up as Buzz Lightyear. Perfect timing, Buddy. Perfect.


2 thoughts on “Oh, NOW he wants to wear a costume

  1. So often, when I read posts about Noah’s self-certaincy I laugh. I am amused because his antics remind me so much of one of my own children (Relax, it’s not the wild child). The fact that he knows his own mind may make you crazy now…but if he continues to follow my unyielding child’s path it will stand him in good stead in his teenage years – and then you can laugh too.

  2. Ha ha ha! Sounds like a toddler with his own mind. I have to give it to Noah, though. Hey, he had a moment of confusion wherein he thought Thomas was superior, but then clarity set in and he realized how wonderful Buzz is. (Yes, I’m a grown a$$ woman totally obsessed with Toy Story. I think my now-husband took me to see Toy Story 2 on our third date or something.) LOVE this picture. I tired to get a Buzz costume for Matty, but they were for the really big kids. You know, size 2T and up.

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